Fable Graphics Engine Will Be Custom Made, Says Playground Games

The Fable graphics engine will apparently be entirely custom made, according to a job listing from Playground Games.

Playground Games has given us an update for their upcoming Fable game for the first time since it was announced last year at the Xbox Games Showcase. According to them, the Fable graphics engine will be an entirely custom-made engine, rather than a third-party commercial one like Unreal Engine 5.

Playground is, of course, no stranger to games with high graphical quality, considering that they’re one of the two studios behind Microsoft’s Forza games, specifically the Forza Horizon series. So, whatever they’re building for the game, the graphics will hopefully be great.

Fable had its own art style while it was under the ownership of Lionshead, and an engine that rarely seemed to change between entries in the series. With a new studio and a whole new console generation to work with, we’re definitely going to see a Fable game unlike any that came before it.

To help build this new Fable graphics engine, Playground Games has also posted a job listing, looking for a rendering engineer that could help them to build it. The person would have to be fluent in C++ programming language and mathematics, alongside experience in programming games.

It will likely still be at last a few years before we get to the point where we can see actual gameplay from the newFable game, but hopefully being unfamiliar with that genre of game won’t be a problem forPlayground. After all, Respawn Entertainment had only done shooters before developing Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, and they did great.

Hopefully the creation of a specialized Fable graphics engine turns out to be a good sign that Playground Games is taking the development seriously. Either way, hopefully whenever the game finally gets to show off some gameplay, it will look just as good as the Forza Horizon games, if not even better.

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