Fable 4 Development Gains Lionhead Studios Alum

Fable 4 development has gained a new asset as a former Lionhead Studios alumnus, Amie Loake, has joined the team.

A new face is joining the Fable 4 team at Playground Games. According to a recent tweet, Amie Loake will be joining the team as the senior producer. Previously, Loake had worked at Lionhead Studios from 2013 to 2016, and had helped out with Fable Legends during that time, so she’ll likely be an important addition.

We haven’t seen any real information about the upcoming Fable game except for a reveal trailer at E3 2020, but considering Playground’s past work with the Forza Horizon games, hopefully transitioning from racing to an action-adventure RPG game will work out well, especially with someone who’s familiar with the game helping out.

Alongside helping out with Fable Legends before its abrupt cancellation and Lionhead’s closing, Amie Loake was also part of the test team for Fable Anniversary, a remaster of the original Fable game that came out back in 2014 on the game’s tenth anniversary (Fable originally released on the original Xbox in 2004).

While we still haven’t seen anything of Fable 4 yet, this is still a helpful bit of news, as it lets us know that the game is still being worked on, though who knows how far along they are. We haven’t gotten a trailer in the roughly year and a half since E3 2020, so who knows if this year will be different.

Considering we haven’t had a mainline Fable game since Fable 3 all the way back in 2010, hopefully waiting this long for a new Fable game will end up being worth it, especially without Peter Molyneux being involved to promise the world and be unable to deliver like he has with numerous other non-Fable projects.

Either way, even if there’s still no Fable 4 news as of yet, hopefully Loake’s presence on the team will herald some kind of progress update at some point in the future, whether it’s another trailer (hopefully with a release window) or even gameplay. The game will supposedly release on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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