How to Hire a New Driver in F1 Manager 2022

A good driver is an essential element in racing. Drivers and cars go hand in hand. Hence, you need to...

A good driver is an essential element in racing. Drivers and cars go hand in hand. Hence, you need to look for the best drivers to win races. Therefore, you can hire new drivers in F1 Manager 2022. You can choose drivers that suit you perfectly.  We have explained everything about hiring a new driver for your team in F1 Manager 2022 in this guide.

How to Hire a New Driver in F1 Manager 2022

The procedure to hire new drivers is pretty straightforward. Nevertheless, if you are still struggling with the menus of F1 Manager 22, below we have given all the steps on how to hire a new driver.

Right after you load a season, there is a ‘driver’ section at the bottom of the menu. Click on that. A new screen will appear showing your existing three drivers. You need to select a driver that you want to replace. You must choose one existing driver to be replaced otherwise you can’t hire a new one.

After selecting the current driver, select the ‘Scout for Replacement’ option. You will get a list of drivers from which you will have to choose your new driver. After selecting the driver from the list, all the characteristics along with the photo of the driver will appear.

How to Propose a New Contract

Now comes the main part, proposing the contract to a driver. There are four basic measures that you can choose:

  • Driver Position: you can decide the position like lead driver, second driver or reserve driver.
  • Salary: decide the salary for the season.
  • Contract Length: for much time (how many seasons actually)
  • Starting Bonus: the amount of money you are willing to pay right at the beginning.

The values for these measures are set automatically to a rough estimate but you can alter them if you like.

Before proposing the contract, there are some other things about driver as well that you need to consider:

  • Patience: it determines how many times you can propose a contract.
  • Negotiation Attitude: if the driver has a good attitude, your offer will most likely be accepted. If not, you need to have a super exciting deal.
  • Morale: this is how the driver is feeling in the current team.

Now that you have selected your offer, just click on propose contract. If the contract is accepted, you will have a new screen notifying you about the new driver hired. Or if the driver declines the proposal, you will have a different color of lighting on the measures that you have set.

For instance, if the driver is unhappy with the salary, it will be orange. If he is just okay with it, it will be yellow. If he is happy, it will be green.

So if the offer is declined, just change the orange measures and propose again. But keep in mind that each time you pitch your proposal, the patience of the driver goes down. If you do this repeatedly, you won’t be able to hire the driver.

However, if you are content with your current team of drivers and want to extend the contract, just go to the driver’s menu and select the ‘scout drivers’ option. And from there just repeat all the steps that we have told you to hire a new driver.

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