How to Race Without Traction Control in F1 22

During a race, the smallest mistake can cost you the win and this effect is exaggerated during a Formula Car...

During a race, the smallest mistake can cost you the win and this effect is exaggerated during a Formula Car Race. Some safety features are put in a car to save from crashes, but speed and safety don’t really go hand in hand and that is why Formula Cars don’t have all those safety features. One such feature is the traction control, and this guide exists to tell you how to race without tractions control in F1 22.

What is Traction Control?

Traction Control is one of the safety features present in all modern cars, but Formula Cars lack this feature. F1 22 allows its player to have Traction Control in their car so that they can easily learn to drive a formula car.

But driving a superfast car with a safety feature that makes it slow is not fun and at the same time driving the car without traction control is not easy. Before learning how to drive a formula car without traction control, let us discuss what is traction control.

Traction Control is an electronic safety feature that will limit the maximum power sent to the wheels of a car so that chances of wheel spin are eliminated. If the power sent to wheels is more than the tires can handle, then it will cause a wheel spin and can increase the chances of accidents.

Because there is so much power being sent to the wheels of a formula car that I can easily cause a wheel to spin, especially during rainy weather and there is much less grip on the road.

How to Race Without Traction Control in F1 22

You can turn the Traction Control on and off by going Game Option then Settings and then Assists. From within the Assists menu, you can set Traction Control on and off. You can also set it to medium if you want to not fully turn it off.


Now that we have discussed how traction control works let’s talk about how you can drive a car without traction control in F1 22. You can practice as much as you want in the Time Trial Session.

Driving a car without Traction Control requires being gentle. What we mean by that is you need to be gentle with the throttle and not ram it down especially when you are exiting a corner.

If you are exiting a corner that has a particularly slow exit, you would want to push the throttle all the way but that will only make your car turn the other way and not go straight because of wheel spin.

Gently push the throttle and let the car adapt to the road. This will make things go much smoother without causing any wheelspin. If you are in a higher gear, let’s say fifth then you don’t need to worry about wheel spin.

But in smaller gear like first or second, the chances are higher and that’s when you need to be gentle with the throttle.

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