F1 22 Monaco Setup Guide For Dry And Wet Conditions

Monaco is probably one of the most difficult racing tracks to master in F1 22. The Circuit de Monaco is among the trickiest and most technical tracks in Formula 1 history and in the game, players will require a well-balanced setup for their cars to navigate all of the dangerous corners and curbs.

Monaco Setup

Monaco Dry Setup

The track is a deadly one if players are racing with simulation damage turned on. The track is very narrow and gives no second chances. That’s why special attention is required when playing here.

Special consideration to downforce and traction of the car is required when setting up for this track. The second important thing that this track requires is consistency in the laps. Any shortfall to any of these two factors can be of real pain.

If you’re unable to do the above-stated things, you should build a rocket ship for qualifying and then manage the race from the front of the grid.

The setup is more of a durable one. You’ll not find yourself encountering any unexpected things during the race. The types will give you good balance and you’ll be racing having a solid grip of the track.

Front Wing Aero: 50
Rear Wing Aero: 50

Differential on: 60%
Differential off: 52%

Suspension Geometry
Front Camber: -2.50
Rear Camber: -2.00
Front Toe: 0.05
Rear Toe: 0.20

Front Suspension: 1
Rear Suspension: 2
Front Anti-Roll Bar: 1
Rear Anti-Roll Bar: 7
Front Ride Height: 1
Rear Ride Height: 6

Brake Pressure: 100
Brake Bias: 50

Front Right Tire Pressure: 24.3 psi
Front Left Tire Pressure: 24.3 psi
Rear Right Tire Pressure: 23 psi
Rear Left Tire Pressure: 23 psi
Pressure: 24.5 psi
Front Left Tire Pressure: 24.5 psi
Rear Right Tire Pressure: 22 psi
Rear Left Tire Pressure: 22 psi

Monaco Wet Setup

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