How to Race with Manual Gears in F1 22

If you prefer being in total control over your car in F1 22 and are looking to learn how to...

If you prefer being in total control over your car in F1 22 and are looking to learn how to change transmission to manual, look no further than this guide where we’ll be showing you how to race with Manual Gears in F1 22 and master Formula racing.

How to Race with Manual Gears in F1 22?

When you start your playthrough of F1 22, you’ll notice that the Gearbox will be set to automatic transmission, so you won’t be able to switch the gears on your car manually.

But luckily, the game allows you to change the gears to manual if you prefer having full control over the transmission of your car. The process of changing the transmission from automatic to manual isn’t very intuitive, however, so you might be having trouble figuring out how to change it.

If you want to change your transmission to Manual in F1 22, open up the Game Options menu in the Home tab. From there, head to Settings and then select Assists.

This will bring up a list of settings related to your car where you’ll be able to find a setting called “Gearbox”. This setting will allow you to switch between manual and automatic gears.

If you aren’t proficient with Manual Gears, you can also select the third option which is Manual with Suggested Gears. If you select this option, your car will have a manual transmission but the game will show you the suggested gear in the bottom-right corner of your HUD. This will help you get an understanding of how Manual transmission should be used in F1 22.

Benefits of Racing with Manual Gears

Veterans of the F1 franchise have always preferred Manual Gears over Automatic due to short-shifting. If you don’t know already, short-shifting is a technique that you can perform with Manual Gears which enables you to conserve fuel and the condition of your tires and engine.

Short shifting comes in particularly handy in wet conditions. If you utilize short-shifting in these conditions, you’ll be able to easily control the speed and acceleration of your car by keeping the wheelspin in check.

And on top of that, if you master Manual Gears, you’ll be able to accelerate out of corners much faster as compared to Automatic Gears. But this will require a lot of time and practice.

To practice using Manual Gears, head into the Time Trial mode and race with Manual Gears in there. Since there aren’t loads of corners in the circuit of this mode, you’ll be able to practice comfortably here.