F1 2021 USA Best Setup Guide

The Circuit of Americas is located in Austin, Texas, and is considered the best circuit in F1 2021. This F1 2021 USA Best Setup guide helps you alter your vehicle’s setup to maintain control of the Esses of the circuit in the USA.

F1 2021 USA Best Setup

One of, if not the best circuits in F1 2021 is the Circuit of the Americas, or COTA for short. The circuit may be tough to beat at first but in the end, you’ll get used to its difficult turns and manage to complete the challenges with ease. In order to do so, you must alter your setup.

Starting off with Aerodynamics. To successfully pull off that desired level of Aerodynamics, you must adjust the rear and front wings of your vehicle.

The settings you apply will be noticeable at first but gradually you’ll learn how to hold on to the ground during high-speed turns on the circuit without flipping the car over.

Therefore, the best option here is to set the Rear Wing Aero slightly higher than the front Wing Aero for a better grip on the track.

The USA Circuit has several hard corners which can easily become a threat for you. So in order to overcome the odds and drive your way out of the slower corners, you must make few changes in your vehicle’s throttle. This helps you get a good rotation in congested corners.

Next up is your car suspension which also plays an important role in racing as it prevents you from crashing into the curbs. Setting up your suspension with good anti-roll bars will help you survive through the high radius corners.

Lastly, just like every other circuit in F1 2021, we have the Brake Bias. The Brake Bias is probably the most important aspect of a good race and helps you stay on track for a longer period of time maintaining a good balance throughout the race.

The most recommended setup for brake bias is to keep the Brake Pressure relatively higher than the Front Brake Bias which simply prevents you from over braking while still maintaining a grip on the track.

Below we have listed the best F1 2021 setup for COTA Austin, Texas in F1 2021.


Front Wing Aero: 8

Rear Wing Aero: 9


Differential adjustment on Throttle: 80%

Differential adjustment off Throttle: 57%

Suspension Geometry

Front Camber: -2.50

Rear Camber: -1.50

Front Toe: 0.09

Rear Toe: 0.20


Front Suspension: 1

Rear Suspension: 7

Front Anti-Roll Bar: 2

Rear Anti-Roll Bar: 9

Front Ride Height: 3

Rear Ride Height: 7


Brake Pressure: 100%

Brake Bias: 57%


Front Right Tire Pressure: 22.6 psi

Front Left Tire Pressure: 22.6 psi

Rear Right Tire Pressure: 23.5 psi

Rear Left Tire Pressure: 23.5 psi

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