F1 2021 Tips

F1 2021 can be quite overwhelming for those new to the racing genre and realistic racing games as a whole. With F1 21’s new features and updates, even veterans may need some help before they get behind the wheel. For these reasons, in this guide, we will discuss all the tips and tricks you’ll need to quickly get into the driver’s seat and racing in F1 2021 in no time!

F1 2021 Tips

Everyone starts from somewhere. If you are a rookie then these tips are a must to make a good start. Even people that have some experience with the game might find these tips helpful and interesting. As mentioned earlier there are some major updates in this edition.

Choosing the right assists and race style

F1 2021 features multiple race styles; you have three options to choose from casual, standard and expert. If you’re new to racing games or still getting used to F1 21 I would recommend trying out the casual style. This is a great place to start.

Standard style as the game itself dictates provide you more authentic F1 experience and setting which you can tweak to your ease.

The Expert option opens all the custom controls and features in the game. You’ve full control here but if you’re a beginner you might get confused and won’t be able to use it to its full potential. You can switch these to know which one is for you.

It is always best to play with several assists ON in the beginning. Playing with custom assists help you to improve your driving skills. F1 2021 comes with good options in that regard. Go to “game options”, “settings” and then “assists”.

There are many assists, most important ones are:

  • Gearbox
  • Anti-lock brakes (ABS)
  • Traction control
  • Dynamic racing line assist

There are others assists like “steering assists”, “braking assists” which, as the name suggests, take control of the steering and braking leaving only throttle the only option for the player to play with. Turn them ON if you like but they don’t have much impact, one can easily handle these two departments even as a beginner.

You can also choose from presets like beginner, amateur, professional and elite. Once you have made your choices here in the menu it’s time to hit the track.

Correct AI difficulty

Balancing the AI difficulty to your skill level helps enormously. Each player is different however 50 is a good number to start with. If you end the race winning or almost winning it is the right difficulty for you. But if you finish the race at the tail, decrease the difficulty on the slide.

If you manage to win the race by 20-sec margin increase the AI difficulty by 5.


For turning smoothly you mostly use the full width of the road; while doing this you have to be aware of curbs. The edges of the track in F1 2021 can be punishing more than in previous versions of the game.

Some curbs are fairly flat and you can essentially treat them as an extension of the road surface others however are raised and will upset the balance of the car if you try to drive over them.

Raised curves on the inside of corners are the ones you have to be extremely careful with, especially at low speeds. Once you get familiar with the track, you’d know which kerb to avoid and when.

Time trials

One of the best tips we can give you for F1 2021 is to utilize Time trials more often. Time trials let you drive on a track under perfect conditions.

It even disables and wear and tear your car may experience normally. Moreover, it also uses rival system so you go against a driver faster than yourself! This will really help you train to be your best in the tracks.

Pay attention to the phantom car ahead of you to learn from their movements and mimic them to improve! This will eventually lead to faster lap times and an overall improvement in your skills.


It is natural to make mistakes. F1’s are fast and not so easy to handle especially for beginners. Good thing for us that F1 2021 has this flashback option with which we can look back and avoid the same move that made our car go spinning. We sometimes don’t know what actually happened whether it was a curb or something else. The flashback comes in handy in a lot of situations that require analysis.

You can only look 15 secs back in time. You must be quick in this regard and take maximum advantage of this option.

Steering saturation

Steering is not very sensitive by default. You can change steering saturation easily in the control settings. With default settings, you might drift wider than expected while cornering. Adjust it according to your driving to yield better efficiency.

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