F1 2017 China Setup Guide – Aero, Transmission, Suspension, Brakes, Weight

This F1 2017 China Setup Guide will help you nail your setup on the China circuit. China is the second race on the current F1 calendar and is different from Melbourne in the sense that it has a lot more straights so your setup does not need to be as rear biased as it was in Melbourne. You want your car to be as fast as possible but not lose too much traction so as to slip off the track and ruin your race.

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F1 2017 China Setup

F1 2017 – Aero, Transmission and Suspension

For this track, stability and speed are two most important factors. For this reason, you should have a 4 for both Front Wing Aero and the Rear Wing Aero as they suit the track perfectly, especially as the track has the largest straight in F1 and you need a quick car to tackle that.

The Transmission is left largely unchanged from the previous guide, as you still need some form of traction so 50 percent for the Adjustment On Throttle and 70 percent for the Adjustment Off Throttle works great. For the same reason that I mentioned above, the Suspension Geometry is also the same as it was on Melbourne. Use Default values for the Front and Rear Camber along with 0.09 for the Front Toe and 0.29 for the Rear Toe.

For Suspension, leave your Front Suspension at 7 while changing your Rear Suspension to 1. Front Anti-Roll Bar is good at 7 too while the Rear should be at 3. Both the Front Ride Height and the Rear Ride Height should be left at 4 so as to improve stability.

F1 2017 China Setup – Brakes, Tyres and Weight

You need a lot of brake pressure on this track since you will be attacking the corners at high speed coming in off the straights. For this reason, the ideal brake pressure is 83 percent and the front brake bias should be left at 56 percent.

The Tyres are once again your preference and it is best to run a few laps in practice to find out which of these settings suit your racing style best. The best Weight distribution is 6 as you do not need to turn as much as you did in Melbourne. 6 is also really good for the first turn that is huge and if you turn too much then your car can easily spin out of control.

That is all we have for F1 2017 China Setup Guide. If you have an interesting fact or anecdote then let us know in the comments section below!

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