F1 2015 Cover Art Shared by Codemasters on Twitter

F1 2015 cover art is shared by developer Codemasters on Twitter. The game is expected on June 12 and will feature bonus content from F1 2014 season.

Codemasters is deep into development of Formula 1 2015 and is close to releasing the game. The developer have now shared the official box art for the game on Twitter.

All three versions, PS4/Xbox One/PC, have the same box art that features some popular F1 stars. On the other hand, resolution details on consoles were also revealed by the developers.

While PC players will get the superior version as always, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will run at 1080p and 900p respectively.

As for the frame-rate, developers say the PS4 version is running close to 60Fps, but they will try to reach 60Fps before release.

On console we’ve had it very, very close to 60fps, certainly on PS4. Everyone at the studio is doing a fantastic with the optimisation, and we’re in the final couple of months before release where there’s a big push that we hit that 60fps, and that’s the plan.

These details aren’t surprising as plenty of games run at a higher resolution on PS4. Just recently it was revealed that Project Cars will run at 1080p on PS4, while Xbox One will have to settle for 900p.

F1 2015 is being built using the EGO Engine that will introduce several physics related improvements to the latest installment.  The game will feature diver line-up from the 2015 season, such as  Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez.

That’s not all, as bonus content players will get all the drivers and tracks from the 2014 season.  There will also be a “Pro Season” mode that will be more difficult compared to normal play.

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