EVO 2017 Games Lineup Will Be Revealed in Coming Weeks

An exclusive reveal event is being planned for this month which promises to announce the official games lineup of EVO 2017.

Such was confirmed by Mark “MarkMan” Julio, the global business and development manager for the largest fighting game tournament in the world.

Street Fighter V and Super Smash Bros. Melee are guaranteed to return as star titles, as well as King of Fighters XIV. Depending on its release date, the recently announced Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite could be on of the main attractions of this year’s Evolution Championship.

While Mortal Kombat XL was featured in last year’s lineup, the upcoming release of Injustice 2 puts the bloody brawler’s fate to question. It’s a trend, unhealthy as it is, to see the NetherRealm community jump from game to game each year. If we’re very lucky, we’ll see both games mentioned in the list.

Having released in Japan last year, Tekken 7 is finally slated to hit shelves in the west in the coming months. The new installment in the series should be here before the advent of EVO 2017. Hence, it would make sense to expect Tekken 7 to be part of this year’s iteration.

Pokkén Tournament did well at last year’s EVO. Should we expect it to return this year as well? With several new inclusions on the horizon for EVO 2017, there’s a possibility that some games are removed to make space. This includes Guilty Gear and Killer Instinct as well.

EVO 2017 is confirmed to take place on July 14-16 at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas. The reveal show is planned for January 24. We just have to wait it out a couple of weeks to know for sure which games will be featured on the grand stage this year.

A precise schedule of the main event should go live once we’re close to the first day of proceedings.

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