Everything You Need To Know About Microsoft’s E3 2019 Press Conference Leaks

Various leaks and rumors have started to pop up as E3 2019 dates approach. And it just so happens that a major leak has emerged online that pretty much describes what Microsoft’s entire E3 2019 press conference will be like. The leak mentions various Xbox games that are likely that will appear E3 2019. Including games such as CyberPunk 2077 and its release date.

The original leak thread started gaining attention after it first was seen on NeoGAF by a user named Braldryr a few days back. The person who posted this information introduces himself by saying “I am just a person who… let’s just say knows many people, some would rather argue that I know TOO MANY people.” If that sounds like a bold statement, wait till you hear the rest.

Braldyr goes into great detail by listing all the major games and reveals that will happen during Microsoft’s E3 2019 press conference and breaks it down into two sections: Confirmed and not confirmed.

Here is everything that is confirmed according to Braldryr’s leak:

  • Halo Infinite:
    • We will see a new trailer and the game will have a holiday 2020 release date
  • Gears 5:
    • We will see a full tactical gameplay reveal and the game will have a September 2019 release date
  • Gears Tactics:
    • We will see a new trailer along with an official release date (unknown at this point)
  • Ori and the Will of the Wisps:
    • We will see a new trailer along with an official release date (unknown at this point)
  • Bleeding Edge:
    • Likely to be the rumored 4-player Sci-Fi co-op game, a brand new IP from Ninja Theory.
  • The Outer Worlds:
    • We will see a new trailer along with an official release date (unknown at this point)
  • Cyberpunk 2077
    • We will see an in-depth gameplay trailer along with a targeted Cyberpunk 2077 release date from CD Projekt Red
  • Age of Empires 4:
    • An in-depth gameplay reveal with a 2020 release date
  • Fable Reboot:
    • Tease for next-gen Fable game, but the game itself is exclusive to next-gen Xbox for likely release in 2021
  • Sea of Thieves:
    • New content teaser but with no release date announcement
  • Battletoads:
    • Gameplay and release date
  • Project xCloud:
    • Microsoft will reveal new information such as functionality and users will be able to access it.
  • The Next-Gen Xbox:
    • Microsoft will show the next-generation Xbox console, the rumored Xbox Lockhart/Xbox Anaconda. Microsoft won’t show the physical look of the console but will discuss its official specs. The reveal will be small with an estimated 2020 release date.
  • Third-Party Games:
    • There will be various third-party games shown during Microsoft’s E3 2019 press conference but all of them are unknown at this point.

Here is everything that isn’t 100% but has a high chance of happening:

  • MechAssault:
    •  New MechAssault game reveal with an unknown release date.
  • Forza Motorsport:
    •  Tease for next-gen Forza with an unknown release date
  • New Capcom Game:
  • More Japanese Dev Games:
    • Unknown at this point.

Here is everything that has little to no possibility of happening but still is worth mentioning:

  • Next-Gen Rare Game:
    • The next IP from Rare was described as “If you enjoy a game like Sea of Thieves, then you will be looking forward to their next project”. It is likely this game will focus on naval sea combat.
  • Perfect Dark Reboot:
    • A third-person view game in development at Dlala Studios with Rare supervising with a 2020+ release date
  • Xbox Game Studios Acquisitions:
    • Possible purchase announcements of IO Interactive, Asobo, and Relic Entertainment.

Even though Braldyr goes into great detail about these leaks, the authenticity of these leaks is still unknown at this point. Braldyr’s leaks don’t mention anything about the Sony and Microsoft crossplay/cloud-gaming collaboration but with something this big, it is likely Microsoft will at least speak on that a bit. It is likely that some of these things will happen while others may or may not. It is best to treat this information with a grain of salt.

It seems the best thing to do right now is to sit tight and wait for Microsoft’s big E3 2019 press conference which is due June 9th at 4:00 PM ET /1 PM PT.