Everything We Know So Far About Avengers Infinity War – Heroes, Timeline, Infinity Stones, Villain

Avengers Infinity War trailer has finally been revealed and we are pretty excited about the movie. Marvel has set up the Avengers Infinity War for over a decade and it is nearly time before we get to see the movie in the theaters.

We are sure you are just as hyped for the movie as we are, so we will discuss everything that we know for certain about the upcoming movie from its heroes, villains, infinity Stones, its timeline and more. So let’s begin.

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Everything We Know So Far About Avengers Infinity War

Following is everything that we know for the certain or has been confirmed by Marvel about the upcoming movie.

Avengers Infinity War – Appearing Heroes
Avengers Infinity War is a pretty big movie in terms of the number of characters that will be featured in the movie. At the time of writing Captain America, Bucky barns aka Winter Soldier, Black Panther, Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, Ant-Man, Wasp, Doctor Strange, Wong, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Hawkeye, Nebula, Falcon and Captain Marvel will appear in the movie.

Avengers Infinity War – Time-Line
Marvel has not been very specific with the order of the timeline in the which all of its movies take place. However, Marvel has confirmed that Avengers Infinity War will take place almost 4 years after the events of Guardian of the Galaxy volume 2.

Avengers Infinity War – Heroes Making Debuts In Avengers Infinity War
We have already discussed all the heroes that will be making their appearance in the movie, however, there are some heroes that will be making debut in the movie. Captain Marvel and Wasp will be making their debut in Marvel cinematic universe.

Avengers Infinity War – Villain
Marvel has been teasing the threat of Thanos since the first Avengers movie and then he made his official debut in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.1 and now he will be the main antagonist of Avengers Infinity War and will be on the hunt for the Infinity Stones that grant its users dominion over certain aspects of the universe.

Along with Thanos, we will also see Proxima Midnight along three other Than children.

Avengers Infinity War – Infinity Stones
Infinity Stones have been the part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe since Captian America first Avenger which featured the Tesseract, Guardians of the Galaxy introduced us to Power Stone, “Aether” known as the Reality Stone was featured in Thor 2.

Mind Stone was revealed in Avengers Age of Ultron, Time Stone was revealed in Doctor Strange. In total 5 Infinity Stones have been revealed and sixth one the Soul Stone is yet to be revealed and speculations are it will be in Wakanda.

Avengers Infinity War – Evolution Of Spider-Man
In Spider-Man Homecoming we saw a very young Peter Parker who was learning to control his abilities with the help of the suit given by Tony Stark. In Infinity War we will see Spider-Man using his Spider senses as shown in the trailer and maybe we will see his other powers come to light in the movie.

Avengers Infinity War – Scarlet Witch And Vision’s Romance
In the trailer we see Scarlet Witch hanging out with the Vision which is quite strange since after the events of Civil War Scarlet is a fugitive. However, we see both of them looking eye to eye in a romantic way so we will at least see a hint of their Romance.

This is everything we know so far about Infinity War. Have We missed anything? Let us know in the comments.

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