Euromediashop PS5 Scam Makes Off With Money And Shady PS5 Deal

Around a week ago, a website by the name of “Euromediashop” apparently started offering around 500 different Playstation 5 consoles for well below market price, a tantalizing target for anyone who has so far been unable to purchase one. However, it seems now that the Euromediashop PS5 scam has run its course.

The website in question has completely disappeared off the internet, taking its supposed Playstation 5 consoles and the money of people who had been attempting to capitalize on its “deal” with them. Various journalists online have done a good bit of investigating and are quite sure that it was likely a moneymaking scheme.

The website has not only gotten rid of its web page, but has also deleted its Facebook profile. Tellingly, today, December 10, is around the time that people who ordered consoles from them should have received them, and also when the company should have paid suppliers who printed advertising flyers.

The Euromediashop PS5 scam had already been extremely suspicious to start with, with many of its profiles only starting around October, a lack of communication with buyers, and showing buying instructions via Whatsapp, which asked interested buyers to send money, send the “company” a bank receipt, and wait.

Regardless of why the site was shut down, whether it was raided by Italian police or they just decided to take what little money they had and run, this still leaves people who did spend money on the website not only without Playstation 5 consoles or any other console they attempted to “buy” from the “company”, but also without their spent money.

Even so, it’s unlikely that the Euromediashop PS5 scam will be able to retain its ill-gotten gains, as it is possible to have your bank (if you were one of the people deceived) cancel the transaction, getting you your money back.

While Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles are in short supply at the moment, one should make sure to only buy from reputable sellers, rather than some random site off the internet.