Essential NieR: Automata Mods To Enhance Your Experience

NieR: Automata Mods can help you to run the game more smoothly as the players are facing a lot of problems with FPS along with some other issues. In this article, we have discussed some essential NieR: Automata Mods that you should definitely try out!

NieR: Automata Mods

Mods can improve your game by just downloading and installing them. These mods enhance the game experience and allow you to have unlocked FPS and better visuals.

You simply need to install FAR, download ‘SKIM.64’, and select ‘FAR’ from the menu. SKIM will directly install the mod in the game. To know if the mod is working or not, you can just simply turn on the game and see the difference.

Moreover, you can see on the top where ‘FAR’ shows its version and if it’s working or not. ‘Overlay goes away basically at the title screen, won’t be there all the time.’

  • FAR Primary Features
  • Includes a Freecam Look
  • Inserts a Framerate Unlocker
  • Fixes Original Fullscreen Resolution
  • Allows Adjusting Global Illumination for a Performance Boost
  • Allows Adjusting the Resolution of Bloom and Ambient Occlusion Effects to the Current Framebuffer Resolution

Framerate Unlocker
Framerate Unlocker can break cutscenes and scripting in the NieR: Automata so it risky and use it at your own risk. To enable v-sync and built-in Frame Limiter of FAR (set it to 0) must be disabled. Also, enable remove 60 FPS limit.

Texture Pack
The texture pack is self-explanatory! The mod enhances all the texture of the game. To install this mod there are two ways to do so. You need to install ‘FAR’ if you want this mod to work properly. Installing ‘FAR’, this mod will automatically installed by just downloading it.

If you are facing problems with the cutscenes with 16:9 display, no worries! This mod will fix this problem. NieR: Automata uses a large number of pre-rendered cutscenes coded in MPEG-type format at ultra-high. Resulting in inefficient videos, taking a lot of space, and performing quite poorly.

To download this mod, it does require you to install it just download and run its ‘exe’.

The main features of the mod is easy-to-use GUI with all the necessary tools packed right in, pause/resume support for long conversions, support for three levels of compression, and offering everyone the ideal compromise of filesize and image quality.

Two resolution profiles to further tune size versus quality. Letterbox and crop options for 21:9, 16:10, 3:2, and 4:3 aspect ratios. Optionally, upconvert framerate to 60 FPS using either frame blending or advanced motion estimation.

These are all our Essential NieR: Automata Mods that you should definitely try out! If you have anything else to add to the list, do let us know in the comments section below!

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