Escape From Tarkov Map Extraction Points Guide

Extracting after acquiring some new weapons and gear is part of the core EFT gameplay. This guide will give you all the Escape From Tarkov Map Extraction Points.

Escape From Tarkov Map Extraction Points

These Tarkov maps are very intricate and well-designed, making it really hard to find the extraction points if you’re playing the map with no prior knowledge.

Learning all the extraction points in each map will help you immensely with progressing in the game, and will give you a great head-start over the other players who don’t know about them.

This guide will show you the extraction points in Escape from Tarkov.

Most of the Shoreline map is based in the forest, where you’ll come across tiny villages, large cell towers, a health resort, weather station, gas station and boating facility.

This map has an abundance of loot, but you need to keep running to not get ambushed.

  • Tunnel Exit (PMC)
  • Rock Passage
  • Road to Customs.
  • Pier Boat
  • CCP Temp
  • ADM Basement
  • Ruined House Fence

Most of the extraction points of Shoreline are on the edge of the map. This means that if you’re in a really sticky situation, you can just keep running along the outskirts and you’ll eventually come across an extraction point.

Factory is the smallest map in the game. It can hold only six players at once and has a few relatively small, dark rooms.

This map works great if you want to play a match quickly. Due to its small size, the tension stays high as you can run into a player anytime.

  • Underground Camera Bunker Gate (Scavs)
  • Underground Cellars (PMC)
  • Gate 3 (All Factions)
  • Gate 0 (All Factions)
  • Office Window (Scavs)

It has three extraction points which are pretty easy to find, as two of them are marked by large exit doors, and the other one is in the tunnels.

Customs Extraction Points
Customs seems to be the current fan-favorite map in Escape from Tarkov. It boasts a great number of objectives, extraction points and loot.

  • RUAF Roadblock
  • Administration Gates
  • Smuggler’s Boat
  • Dorms V-Ex
  • Trailer Park
  • Crossroads
  • ZB-1011
  • ZB-1012
  • Old Gas Station

Players usually start on one side of the map, with the extraction point being on the other. Due to how many points of interest this map has, it’s quite easy to understand where you need to go.

Woods Extraction Points
Most of the extraction points in Woods lie on the edges of the map, while the points of interest are mainly in the center, giving the map a very interesting dynamic.

  • All Outskirts
  • ZB-014 (Key and Green Smoke required)
  • South V-Ex (3000 Rubles required)
  • RUAF Gate
  • UN Roadblock
  • ZB-016 (Green Smoke required)
  • Dead’s Man Place (Scav)
  • East Gate (Scav)
  • Factory Gate (All Factions)
  • Cliff Descent (PMC)
  • Mountain Stash (Scav)
  • Old Station (Scav)
  • Scav House
  • The Boat
  • West Border

The map is pretty large, making for a lot of running. This is why it’s not as popular as the other maps; but it’s still a decent map nonetheless.

Interchange is a very large map; in fact, one of the largest in the whole game. 14 players can play at once in this map, on its three-level shopping mall.

It’s hard to make your way around this map, as it has numerous layers, and even an area outside.

Despite its size, there are only three extraction points. All of them are outside, so it is not hard at all to find them. The only thing that you might find tricky is making your way out of the shopping mall.

  • Railway Exit (All)
  • Emercom Checkpoint (All)
  • Power Station (PMC)

If you just want to exit the mall, go through the north or south exits and go to the closest extraction point.

Reserve Extraction Points
Reserve is a newer map in the game. It is basically an army base with a train station right in the middle of it. The most fun thing about this map is that a train arrives at the station, which players can use as an exit.

  • Fence near the Mountains (Scav)
  • Scav Lands (PMC and Scav)
  • Cliff Descent (PMC)
  • Manhole (PMC and Scavs)
  • Heating Pipe (Scav)
  • CP Fence (Scav)
  • Armored Train (PMC and Scavs)
  • Hermetic Door Bunker (PMC and Scavs)

This is well-balanced map, with a good amount of loot and extraction points scattered about.

The Lab
The Lab is arguably the most complex map of the game. It requires a Key card for entry and all the extraction points require you to complete a specific task to use them.

  • Cargo Elevator – You need to restore the power to the elevator.
  • Medical Block Elevator – You need to restore the power to the elevator.
  • Hangar Gate – You need to open up the gate.
  • Main Elevator – You need to restore the power to the elevator.
  • Parking Gate – You need to open up the gate.
  • Sewage Conduit – You need to lower the water level.
  • Ventilation Shaft – You need to have no backpack equipped.

The best strategy to use in this map is to just look for an exit that has already been opened.