Escalation Studios Working On Doom In Partnership With id Software

Doom SnapMap is being worked on by Escalations Studios, according to a new announcement.

Escalation Studios, known for their work on Outlaw Space, Eternal Fate, are working on Bethesda’s Doom. Yes, the studio is helping out with the next installment in this popular demon slayer.

The news was shared on Twitter:

At first, the news made me worried as I didn’t read the entire Tweet. I assumed that id Software, like many others, is going outsource the PC version to Escalation Studios, thankfully that isn’t the case.

The studio is working on the SnapMap feature of the new Doom, so there is nothing to worry about.

Announced at E3, Doom puts focus on user-generated content via SnapMap. The feature will be able available on all platform versions – PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC – and will let users create new modes of playing.

To understand the SnapMap feature better, check out the video below from Bethesda’s E3 press-conference.

Doom is still without a release date but Bethesda has said previously they are targeting a Spring 2016 launch for the game.

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