Epic Games Settles Lawsuit with a 14-Year-Old Fortnite Cheater

The developers of Battle Royale game Fortnite, Epic Games, has settled a lawsuit against a 14-year-old cheater in an attempt to get rid of cheaters.

Epic Games has been pursuing all cheaters in their new Battle Royale game Fortnite vehemently in an attempt to rid the game of the plague once and for all. However, recently we came across information that Epic was planning to sue a 14-year-old boy as a part of their crusade.

Apparently, Epic Games have now reached a settlement with the family of the minor. He is strictly prohibited from injecting unauthorized code into the game and he can be fined up to $5,000 if decides to do so.

Epic Games released a statement saying that they were unaware of the age of the defendant and it was revealed to them when his mother answered their claim, putting to rest any allegations leveled against them for suing a minor.

The boy in question had been banned at least nine times and had bypassed the account lock by registering another account with the developer. It is suspected the player wrote his own code to gain an unfair advantage within the game.

Under the settlement, the defendant is not allowed to create, write, develop, advertise or distribute anything that infringes upon Epic’s work now or hereafter.

The case has been put to rest, with the case that the kid’s mother had leveled against Epic on making their personal information having been addressed in a separate court case. Epic Games have agreed to use initials in place of the name of the 14-year-old so as to protect the privacy of his family.

It is quite clear that Epic Games are not mucking about when it comes to cheating. We sure wonder what is the next step that they will take to tackle this problem. Stay tuned for more updates!

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