Epic Games Accused of Paying Reddit Mods to Remove Posts

Epic Games is now being accused by a former moderator of FortniteBR for manipulating Reddit moderators by offering them money.

Former moderator of FortniteBR subreddit has accused Epic Games of paying moderators to manipulate posts. For those who don’t know, Reddit is one of the best sites to discuss games. In the case of Fortnite, there are subreddits to discuss the news related to the game.

These Fortnite subreddits are managed by moderators who remove spam, irrelevant posts, abuse and any other content that is against community guidelines to keep things on track. Now an ex-mod of r/FortniteBR has claimed that Fortnite used to pay moderators to remove posts made by users just to avoid drama and directly interfered in other moderation decisions.

Ex-moderator of r/FortniteBR “RawStanky” commented on a post talking about how much bullshit that sub got away with during his time as a moderator.

As someone who used to mod there, I have no faith anymore that the Reddit admins care. I’m kind of just done with how much bullshit that sub got away with, and how the admins are basically throwing rules they had for years to the wayside, and giving one of the most fucked up mod teams I ever worked with more and more ways to pull shady shit. It honestly feels like Reddit is encouraging the kind of behavior so long as they can benefit from it.

RawStanky also claims that Epic Games used to reward these moderators with giveaway prizes. He also claims that moderators of the subreddit apparently would dox another mod, give threats to mods and also got a former moderator banned from Epic Games Launcher.

Fortnite Reddit mod accusations

The comment made by RawStanky is now removed. At the moment, there’s no official reply from Epic Games yet. Apparently, Redditors tried posting on r/FortniteBR about these accusations but apparently got banned.

However, we do hope that Epic responds to the latest controversy as soon as possible because it certainly needs clarification. If anything mentioned above turns out to be true then Epic will be in deep trouble once again this year.

As we reported before, Fortnite’s success has been tough on developers leading them into a state of endless crunch. However, the good news is that Epic is now giving two weeks off to all the employees starting from today to July 8. Epic revealed this news in a recent blog post. Those of you waiting for Fortnite Season 9 shouldn’t be worried because everything will arrive as scheduled.

We will let you know when Epic responds to the recent claims made by a former moderator of Fortnite subreddit. So stay tuned for that!

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