English Version of Black Desert Playable this year, DX12 Support Being Considered

Black Desert's English version is going to be playable later this year. Pearl Abyss planning to add DX12 support.

Black Desert fans in the West, we have great news for you all. According to Western Community Manager Oli, English version of the game will be playable this year.

Oli spoke during a recent interview conducted by Pearl Abyss itself, and when asked about Alpha and Beta, Olid said:

You will be able to play the English version of Black Desert Online for the first time from this year. Note that prior to the Alpha, there will be an early test version of the game but I need to ask players to be a bit more patient about the specifics of when the Alpha or Beta will start this year.

Oli refrained from revealing more details and asked fans to be patient for the time being. Moreover, Pearl Abyss plans to release the North American and European version as close together as possible. However, there might be a slight delay.

Also, there won’t be any gameplay differences between the EU and NA version of Black Desert. EU will have more languages though.

The difference will be only about the language. We are now working on the English version of Black Desert Online, but we’d like to see other languages for the European players. Everything related to game mechanics will be identical.

Lastly, Oli revealed that support for VR and DX12 is being seriously considered by Pearl Abyss.

For more details, visit the link provided above.


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