Install Backgrounder to Enable Multitasking in iPad 3.2

Backgrounder is more of a hack extension to the iPad functionality and it enables jailbroken iPad 3.2 to run the applications in the background whether it be on homescreen or even while syncing. You can follow the simple steps below to enable multitasking in your iPad 3.2 WIFI/3G.

How to Enable Multitasking in iPad 3.2

Step 1
Jailbreak iPad 3.2 with Spirit.

Step 2
Run Cydia and Install Backgrounder Application.

Step 3
Reboot your iPad.

How to Use Backgrounder in iPad 3.2 For Multitasking
Open the desired application, press and hold the home button until a pop up appears stating it to preserve the application, your application will keep running until you tell it to stop with another home button press.
To disable the application, open the application and hold the home button once more.

In order to use backgrounder effectively and to know which applications are running in the background, turn on the “badge” in its settings, and it will show you which applications are running in the background.

iPad Multitasking Preview

Feel free to ask questions if you face any problems enabling multitasking in iPad 3.2.

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