Empire of Sin Crashes, Black Screen, FPS Issues, Stuck at Loading and Other Fixes

Empire of Sin is now available on PC and players are experiencing crashes and freezes, stopping them from creating a criminal empire.

Empire of Sin, the criminal empire turn-based title with Al Capone and Goldie Garneau is finally available on PC and consoles. PC gamers experience crashes, error codes, and freezes in Empire of Sin. As with every PC at launch, this one too is bound to have some issue depending on your hardware. We’ve collected some of the most popular issues in the Empire of Sin in order to help you solve some of them.

Empire of Sin Crashes at Startup

If your game crashes at startup and you can’t get it to play, then the first thing you can check is to run it as an administrator and whitelist it from your anti-virus and firewall programs. If going through that procedure doesn’t solve the issue for you then the next step is to check your GPU drivers and update them if necessary. Now you can launch the game again and see if maybe the problem is fixed.

Empire of Sin In-Game Crashes

There can be a variety of reasons behind a crash to the desktop while you are playing a video game and the most important one to keep an eye out is your GPU drivers. Check whether or not you have any pending updates and install them. Next up, you will need to whitelist Empire of Sin from your firewall and anti-virus program so that we can eliminate the security crashes.

Now, we can work on the specifics. First, you can run a game file verification in order to fix any corrupted files. Then, try installing the latest version of Visual c++ Redistributables. If none of the above work, then you can always redownload and reinstall the game as there could be something wrong with your installation.

Black Screen

Black Screens in Empire of Sin is mostly caused by outdated GPUs or conflicts with your monitor. What you can do is run the game in windowed mode by adding a “-w” to its target through the shortcut’s settings. If your game boots up correctly, then you can go to full screen through the game’s settings.

Also, much like with any other big issue you might have, make sure to whitelist Empire of Sin from your anti-virus and firewall.

Cant Start Launcher Error

Not even being able to start the game’s launcher sure is nerve-wracking for gamers. What you want to do is uninstall and reinstall the Paradox Launcher and run it once more. Most players report that this fix has worked for them. If it didn’t, try running the launcher as administrator and whitelist it from your anti-virus and firewall.

Low Performance / Low FPS

Low performance is a common issue for new games since the team needs to take the variety of different hardware into account when optimizing a game. What you can do on your end is going through the game’s graphics settings and lowering the most demanding ones and check your performance once more. If this is not the problem, open up your task manager and check your CPU and RAM usage. If it’s above 80%, you should close any unneeded programs and browser windows and boot the game again.

MSVCP140.dll was not found Error

A common error related to the Visual C++ Redistributables. The “MSVCP140.dll was not found” along with other .dll errors require you to download and install the latest version of VC++ Redistributables. In some cases, you might need to downgrade. Empire of Sin is ok with the latest version so if this your issue then this fix will most likely fix it.

Steam Runtime Communication ErrorSteam Runtime Communication Error

Yet another issue that Paradox’s games often encounter given the fact that they require their own launcher to run. The publisher offers a clear solution on how to fix it:

1. Exit the Steam app entirely
2. Uninstall Paradox Launcher v2 from the Windows “Apps and features” utility, if still present.

Delete the following folders if still present:

– /Programs/Paradox Interactive/
– /AppData/Local/Paradox Interactive/
– /AppData/Roaming/Paradox Interactive/launcher-v2/
To see the AppData folder you’ll need to enable View Hidden Items in File Explorer.

3 Run steam.exe as the Windows Admin user
4. Run the game from the PLAY button in Steam

0xc000007b Error

“Error 0xc000007b” has no apparent fix but there is an array of things you can try that might stop it from happening. Let’s start with the more obvious ones. First, restart your PC and upon restarting try running the game as an administrator. If this didn’t help then check if your Windows have any pending updates and if so, install them. Do the same with your DirectX version. Install the latest available update for DirectX on your PC and run the game again as an administrator.

Paradox also suggests that players run ChkDsk, which runs a scan through your drives. To initiate it, bring up the cmd by searching it on your Windows Search. Type “chkdsk c: /f /r” and then restart your PC. See if the problem is gone now. If not, then it might be better for you to contact Paradox’s support center and have someone from its team help you out with your issue.

Stuck at Loading Screen

Players are reporting that they are often stuck at loading screens when trying to get into a new stage in Empire of Sins. Paradox asks players to check their GPU drivers and update them if necessary. If this doesn’t work for you then verify your game’s files through its Steam settings.

These are all the issues we could gather on Empire of Sin crashes, errors and performance issues for now. Before you check any workarounds related to crashes and performance issues make sure that your system is on par with the minimum system requirements. If you couldn’t find a solution to fit your needs, you can always contact Paradox’s Support Center and have their team help you out with a specific fix.

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