Elminage Gothic RPG Crawls Onto Steam

September 18 was an incredibly popular day for game releases and it’s incidentally also exactly one week after 9/11, which is probably less favorable. On Steam alone, over ten titles dropped on the storefront, so it might be hard to spot some games.

One of those new Steam items is Elminage Gothic, the latest localization from publisher Ghostlight Games. It’s a traditional dungeon crawler, seen in first person.

Characters can be chosen from a list of 16 classes, each with their own skills that benefit a run. Some will be necessary to identify items, while others can provide powerful support spells in limited quantity.

There’s an impressive range of over 400 monsters to beat in Elminage Gothic. They’ll be presented in turn-based battles with static yet detailed illustrations.

For the PC port of the original PSP release, however, Elminage Gothic will be fitted with high resolution art and an improved interface.  There are also 8 Steam Trading Cards to collect.

Elminage Gothic is part of a series of fairly challenging roleplaying games (RPG). Part of it comes from a more esoteric model, where quests are vague and dungeon puzzles are hard.

Additionally, running through enemies back to back can become taxing fairly quickly. You’ll need some good management skills to get out alive.

Elminage Gothic may look and feel like an older game, but it was actually developed in 2012.

Previously, Elminage Gothic was only available as a Japanese release. It’s available on Steam now for €9.99, though you can get it at a 20% discount until September 25.

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