Ellie Might Be Pregnant in The Last of Us 2; Uncharted 4 Easter Egg Suggests

The Last of Us 2 could feature a pregnant Ellie, if Easter eggs found in Uncharted 4 are any indication of the game's events.

We know The Last of Us 2 has been in early development for a long time but devs were focusing on Uncharted 4 so its development was put on a hold.

The good news is that Uncharted 4 is now ready to release in the next 24 hours. Developers at Naughty Dog will now focus on Uncharted 4 DLC and once that is done, development on The Last of Us 2 will continue.

As you know some copies of Uncharted 4 have been leaked already and many are playing it as we speak. However, the official release date set for May 10.

Some keen-eyed players who have their hands on the game noticed that there are possible The Last of Us 2 Easter eggs in Uncharted 4.

Here’s what they found:

You can see a girl wearing gas mask, holding a gun and if you look closely you’ll see that she is pregnant. We don’t know who this girl is but judging from her attire and posture the best guess is Ellie.

A grown up Ellie who’s now carrying a child? That would be interesting.

The writing on the in-game poster read “The Last of Us: American Daughters.” It is safe to say that this won’t be the actual title for the sequel but who knows.

More interestingly, a second image shows Savage Starlight 2 – “Coming Soon.” For those who don’t know, Savage Starlight was a comic book featured in The Last of Us. There were fourteen of these scattered around for Ellie to find as she had interest in such content.

This is another indication that Ellie will be back for The Last of 2. But what about Joel? Is he making a return as well? We’ll know soon enough.

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