ELEX Money Farming Guide – Easy Money Farming Tips, Farm Elexit Easily, Elexit Farming Tips

This ELEX Money Farming Guide will show you how to easily farm 1 million Elexit in around five minutes using a simple trick.

Money is perhaps the most important thing in most games like ELEX. It is used for all sorts of things in the game and thus, it is very important to have enough. As we know, most people are not willing to go through all of the tedious activities that you need to do to farm enough for all the things that you need.

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ELEX Money Farming Guide

In this ELEX Money Farming Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about farming some easy Elexit in ELEX.

ELEX Money Farming – How to Farm 1 Million Elexit in Five Minutes

First of all, you need to make your way to the fort in the desert. It does not matter whether you walk to it or teleport to it as long as you get there. After entering the fort, make your way to the right side and locate the vendor that resides within it.

Now you need to buy electroscraps which cost 9 Elexit per 1 and iron ore which costs 6 Elexit 1. This means that the total cost of 1 unit of these both is 15 Elexit.

Buy as much of these as you can since they are the primary ingredients for this trick. After you have bought enough of these, leave the fort and try to find a workbench. The one in Kowal works well but you can use any workbench that you please since all you need to do now is to craft.

Once you have found a workbench, craft a small energy restore which is a potion for Clerics. Craft the higher level too and keep the ratio 1:1. Use all of your electroscraps and iron ores until you have as many potions as is possible for you to have at that particular instant.

Now find a vendor and sell the potion to him for 50 Elex, netting you a very nice profit of 35 Elexit per potion.

That is all we have for our ELEX Money Farming Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below.

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