ELEX Money Farming Guide

ELEX Money Farming Guide to help you farm as much as 1 Million Elexit in the game while using a simple and easy-to-follow trick.

In ELEX, money is the most important thing, as it fuels purchases, upgrades, and overall progress. But let’s face it: Grinding away at enemies can be tedious. This guide offers a variety of strategies to maximize your income, whether you prefer crafting and selling potions, hunting down monstrous foes, or exploiting a clever trick.

This guide dives into three methods: exploiting vendor prices through crafting, hunting high-value monsters for natural Elexit drops, and even a risky yet lucrative glitch (use at your discretion!). With these techniques, you’ll swim in Elexit in no time, ready to conquer the challenges and acquire the gear of your dreams.

Farming a Million Elexit in Five Minutes

First, you must make your way to the fort in the desert. It does not matter whether you walk or teleport to it as long as you get there. After entering the fort, make your way to the right side and locate the vendor within it.

Now you need to buy electroscraps, which cost 9 Elexit per one, and iron ore, which costs 6 Elexit per one. This means that the total cost of one unit is 15 Elexit each.

Buy as many of these as possible since they are this trick’s primary ingredients. After you have bought enough, leave the fort and try to find a workbench. The one in Kowal works well, but you can use any workbench you please since all you need to do now is craft.

Once you have found a workbench, craft a small energy restore, a potion for Clerics. Craft the higher level, too, and keep the ratio 1:1. Use all of your electroscraps and iron ores until you have as many potions as possible for you to have at that particular instant.

Now find a vendor and sell the potion to him for 50 Elex, netting you a very nice profit of 35 Elexit per potion.

Infinite Elexit Glitch

ELEX Money

The glitch involves rapidly buying and canceling transactions with traders and blacksmiths for weapons and armor. By quickly pressing the “up” and “down” buttons on the D-pad and the “X” buttons, players can acquire all the items for free. This process can take some time, but once the player has obtained all the items, they can sell them back for a profit.

The glitch is useful for players who want to acquire money quickly and easily in ELEX. However, it is important to note that using glitches in video games can sometimes result in unintended consequences or bugs, so players should use them at their own risk.

Farming Natural Elexit

ELEX Money

Head to the Small Camp and sleep for 2 days to respawn the monsters. Before you head out hunting monsters, ensure you have upgraded the Animal Trophies skill to 3, as it allows you to make money from all the monsters you kill. So, the more trophies you get, the more you can sell.

The first place you can go to is the Southern Cliff and this starts giving you natural Elexit with every kill. You can teleport to Old Windfarm northwest of the Southern Cliffs to farm Cyclops. Remember, the bigger the monster, the more money you will receive for taking them down, and each Cyclops can give you 62x Elexits.

Explore all the regions around the camp and remove all the monsters you encounter on the way. These will not just drop money in ELEX but also materials that will help you raise your attributes quickly.

Selling Gears

Crafting and selling rings of resistance is a fun way of earning money without glitches. The material for crafting the ring will cost you 800, but you can hunt down most of it, and mountain trolls drop ores. Once you have the material you can craft them for cheap or no money and sell them for 1000 Elexits. You can also sell the trophies you don’t use to round your stocks.

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