ELEX Abilities Guide – Best Abilities, PSI, Spells, STIMS

Since each of the faction has different abilities which they can use in ELEX, it can be quite difficult to understand all of the abilities and find out which faction comes out ahead when the dust settles.

This ELEX Abilities Guide lists all of the abilities in the game so you can easily go through them and decide which faction has the best ones for you.

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ELEX Abilities Guide

In this ELEX Abilities Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about some of the best abilities in the game.

ELEX Abilities Guide – Spells

Only Berserkers can use spells.


Duration: 40s, Mana Cost: 15, Cooldown: 10s.
This ability will decrease your enemy’s detection radius by half.

Leather Skin

Duration: 90s, Mana Cost: 20, Cooldown: 10s.
This ability will increase your armor by 20.

Aspect of the Warrior

Duration: 45s, Mana Cost: 20, Cooldown: 10s.
This will increase the damage of your melee weapons by 50.

Blood Transfer

Cooldown: 30s.
This ability will convert 20 HP of yours to 20 MP.

Spirit Wolf

Lifespan: Variable, Mana Cost: 40, Cooldown: 60s.
This ability will summon a spirit wolf which will fight with you.

Sense Life

Duration: 40s, Mana Cost: 10, Cooldown: 10s.
This ability will make all living things in your field of view visible and highlighted.

Poisonous Aura

DPS: 5, Duration: 10s, Radius: 15m, Mana Cost: 20, Cooldown: 10s.
This ability deals damage to all enemies near you.


Radius: 20m, Mana Cost: 25, Cooldown: 30s.
This ability will heal you and your friends for 50 HP.

ELEX Abilities Guide – Stims

Only Outlaws can use Stims.


Value of 160. It will temporarily increase your HP regeneration.

Steel Skin

Value of 100. This will give you bonus resistance to all damage for a short amount of time.


Value of 100. This will make your reflexes quicker for a small amount of time.

Scrap Scanner

Value of 60. For some time, normal items will be easy to spot.

Immune Booster

Value of 100. Your resistance to all status effects will be temporarily increased.

Tough Guy

Value of 200. During combat, your damage resistance will be temporarily increased.

Mind Changer

Value of 200. Your damage will be doubled for a short amount of time.

Animal Lover

Value of 60. Weaker animals will not be able to attack you for some time.

ELEX Abilities Guide – PSI

Only Clerics can use PSI.


Duration: 40s, Energy cost: 10, Cooldown: 10s.
All synthetic life forms and high tech items will be highlighted.


Energy cost: 10, Cooldown: 5s.
All status effects will be removed.

Power Shield

Duration: 90s, Energy cost: 20, Cooldown: 10s.
Your armor will be increased by 20.

One with the Weapon

Duration: 45s, Energy cost: 20, Cooldown: 10s.
Damage of ranged weapons will be increased by 50.

This is all we have in our ELEX Abilities Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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