Electronic Arts Surveying for Netflix-like Game Subscription

Electronic Arts is apparently looking to launch a multiple publisher, all-you-can-play, subscription based service like Netflix.

If you have wanted to be a part of EA Access but couldn’t because you are not an Xbox One users, and if you think that a Netflix-like subscription service for videgames is something cut for the likes of you, Electronic arts might be just the company for you.

They are currently surveying fans for a subscription based service, something that might expand Origin (just a thought) or maybe something new altogether. Apparently, they are thinking of something that would include games from multiple publishers, and get you games from them a certain time after they release.

The Electronic Arts survey is boasting of an all-you-can-play subscription for PCs. Here’s an excerpt from it:

Imagine you’re planning to sign up for an all-you-can-play videogame subscription on your PC. The subscription includes a library of games that you can play as much as you want. Plus new games will be added after they have been on shelves for a period of time.

However, the survey also digs into game launch frequency on the said platform; for instance they ask how often should a game be released and give examples like one game per month to two games or two expansions per month.

The publishers mentioned were Activision, Electronic Arts, Bethesda, Ubisoft and Take-Two Interactive; all with a number of their titles listed below them.

Moving on, they also inquire about expansions being added or not, discounts on digital purchase being offered or not, indie games being added or not and so on.

It is basically something like Netflix or EA Access for the PC community. But we have Steam, wouldn’t it be easier if they offered a subscription like that?

Check out the Electronic Arts survey pages above and tell us what you make of them.

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