How To Get Vulgar Militia Set In Elden Ring

You can get the complete Vulgar Militia Set by farming Vulgar Militiamen in Elden Ring. There are several locations where you can find them.

Vulgar Militia Set is a medium to lightweight armor set in Elden Ring. It’s worn by the Militiamen of the Vulgar Militia Army. The armor lives up to its Vulgar name because of its rough and tough looks.

Since the armor weighs not too heavy and not too light, you can use it for multiple types of builds. If you want to go for the build that requires you to move a lot such as Bloodloss or Faith builds, you can go for the Vulgar Milita set. If you are looking for melee action then this armor does soak up some of those heavy attacks.

The set comprises four pieces; helm, armor, gauntlets, and greaves. With such a set, imagination is the only limit. Use it in whatever way you want.

Where to find the Vulgar Militia armor set in Elden Ring

The Vulgar Militiamen drop the Vulgar Militia Armor Set. As the name suggests, the Militiamen are part of the Vulgar Militia Army. They are found at a number of spots around the map.

Each Vulgar Militiamen has a 1.5 percent chance to drop a Vulgar Militi Set piece upon death. Head straight to Bestial Sanctum in Dragonbarrow Region where you will find Militiamen roaming all around the Sanctum on the hill.

Vulgar Militia Set map location in Elden Ring

To make things even faster, you can ride Torrent and attack enemies on the go. They are easy to kill and won’t engage in battle unless you are in close proximity. Even then the reaction speed is relatively slow, you will have already taken them down before they even have a chance to react.

Roam up and down the hill, kill all Militiamen in sight, go back to the site of grace, rest, and repeat. A couple of visits should do the trick.

Best location to farm Vulgar Militiamen

Vulgar Militia is found not just in a single place but can be found at a couple of other spots. If you are tired of roaming around the same spot, then you can change things up by visiting the other location where you might encounter one.

Some of the best locations to farm the Vulguar Milita Armor set are Bestial Sanctum and Farum Greatbridge in the Dragonbarrow Region.

Vulgar Militiamen farming location in Elden Ring

Shifting towards the other side of The Lands Between, there is also a good chance of you coming face-to-face with a Vulgar Militiaman at the Forbidden Path to Haligtree site of grace which you can access through the Grand Lift of Rold. Enter the cave and you will find a couple of the enemies spread all around.

Forbidden Path to Haligtree farming location for Vulgar Militiamen

Vulgar Militia Set stats

The stats for the Militian Armor set are fitting for the effort you have to put in to get your hands on the complete set. The armor even though might not provide you with the best damage negation but is enough to get the job done.

As far as numbers are concerned, the physical damage negation is (18), vs Strikes (20.6), vs Slash (19.3), and vs Pierce (16.6). For the magical side of things, magic, fire, and holy attacks are negated by (20.6) while light is negated by (21.8).

The Resistance is not falling behind at all and you will have an Immunity of (162), Focus and Vitality of (121), Robustness take a bit of hit and stands at (84), and at the bottom of the list is Poise (35)

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