How To Switch Arrows In Elden Ring

There are several types of arrows and bolts in Elden Ring that you can switch between based on the enemy in front of you.

Arrows have their special place in Elden Ring seeing as they are the main ammunition type you will use. They are mostly utilized by ranged builds but can provide utility to melee builds as well in certain situations. Arrows come in different flavors, from regular ones to the types that add certain effects to each hit.   

To wield them effectively, you need to know how to switch arrows in Elden Ring according to the situation at hand. Today, we will help you out in changing your arrow type by your liking and challenges. 

How to switch arrows and bolts in Elden Ring 

In Elden Ring, players can select up to two kinds of arrows at a time and switch between them as the situation demands.

It is recommended that you select one regular arrow type and one special arrow type such as fire arrows. This way you can be prepared for most situations and can switch accordingly. 

You can switch your arrows and bolts in Elden Ring with the following inputs on all platforms. Once you have chosen an arrow type, just draw your bow, aim, and fire at the target.

PlatformSwitch To Arrow Type 1Switch To Arrow Type 2

As you proceed in Elden Ring you will unlock different types and powerful arrows that will give you various benefits. Set them on your arrow slots and press the required buttons to shoot them as the situation demands. 

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