How To Get The Scaled Set In Elden Ring

You can obtain the Scaled armor set by defeating Old Knight Istvan as part of the Volcano Manor questline in Elden Ring.

The Scaled Set in Elden Ring is a knightly-looking armor set that provides respectable damage negation and resistance. While it may not look as ornate, it is by no means a bad looking set. You can wear the scaled set with confidence that you will still look regal and badass. 

This is another easy-to-get early-game armor that you can get by simply following the main questline. You will need to defeat an NPC and then loot the set from the remains.

Today we will look into the process of acquiring the Scaled Set in Elden Ring and its stats.

Where to find the Scaled Set in Elden Ring

You can obtain the Scaled armor set by defeating Old Knight Istvan as part of the Volcano Manor questline in Elden Ring. Istvan is the first of three NPC invasions that you need to kill, so you can get the armor set early on in the questline.

You will find Old Knight Istvan southwest of Limgrave Coloseum, under the Divine Bridge.

To get the quest to kill Old Knight Istvan, you need to first speak with Tanith inside Volcano Manor. She will request your aid to deal with the Fingers.

When you agree to join her, you will be given the Drawing Room Key. Turn around and move to the hallway to your left. In the hallway, check the doors on your left to find a large room with two tables and a fireplace.

Next to the fireplace, there will be a knight and on the table next to him you will find the Letter from Volcano Manor and a Recusant Finger used to invade other worlds.

The letter will mark the location of Old Knight Istvan which is north of Limgrave. The location of the knight is displayed on the map and it is nearest to the Warmaster’s Shack Site of Grace. From here, move North through the forest using Torrent to avoid getting attacked. 

After the forest, you will find a red patch. Examining the patch will ask you to invade Old Knight Istvan which you should accept. You will now be sent to Old Knight Istvan’s world and you will have to defeat him.

Doing so will give you the Rune Arc and a Furlcalling Finger Remedy. You will receive the Scaled Armor Set in Elden Ring after you return to your world.

How to defeat Old Knight Istvan

Old Knight Istvan is not a difficult enemy by any means. You can easily block or dodge his attacks. The only annoying attacks are his leap attack when he jumps into the air and slams his sword down, and his AOE attacks. It is best to roll out of the way of these two attacks when you see them coming. 

He is vulnerable to Bleed, Frostbite, and Poison damage, so use weapons and spells that deal these types of damages. Other than that, he is defeated fairly easily so you won’t have to struggle too much against him.

Scaled Set stats

The Scaled Armor set can be easily be acquired but has A-Tier protection stats and thus an ideal choice for early players. The Armor is Medium weighted 38 weight.

The damage negation of the Scaled Armor is 31 against Physical attacks, 27.3 against Strike attacks, 32.3 against Slash attacks, 31 against Pierce attacks, 26.5 against magical attacks, 27.6 against Fire attacks, 25.6 against Lightening attacks and 26.5 against Holy attacks.

The suit also provides the players with resistances of 131 in Immunity, 197 in Robustness, 91 in Focus, 91 in Vitality, and 71 in Poise.

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