Are Renna and Ranni the Same in Elden Ring?

Ranni and Renna names are something that are repeated a lot in Elden Ring. The question players usually, ponder is if they are the same?

Renna in Elden Ring is an NPC witch who has the appearance of the blue humanoid character, who has four arms, and a mysterious behavior. She was a crown princess of the Full Moon as she is the daughter of Renalla.

During the story when you play Ranni’s Quest, the fact that confuses players about her the most is that she introduces herself as Renna and then she is called Ranni when you meet her again.

So are They the Same in Elden Ring?

The short answer is yes. They are the same person but come up with different identities.

She introduces herself as Renna when you meet her for the first time in the Church of Elleh located in Limgrave.

If for some reason you couldn’t find her in the church, then it is probably because you haven’t acquired the ability to summon the Spectral Steeds from Melina. Without this, she will not appear in the church.

After the first meeting, you will meet her again after you arrive at Rani’s Rise in Three Sisters. She will tell you that she is Ranni and her servants also call her by this name. 

To summarize this, the conclusion is that she hid her true identity when you first met her by introducing herself as Renna. Her real name is Ranni. This proves that Renna and Ranni in Elden Ring are the same person but came with different identities.

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