Elden Ring Putrid Avatar Boss Guide

Putrid Avatar is one of the many mini-bosses that you will encounter in Elden Ring. This boss may as well...

Putrid Avatar is one of the many mini-bosses that you will encounter in Elden Ring. This boss may as well be paying tribute to the Asylum Demon from the first Dark Souls game because it features a fairly similar moveset. The following guide will show you where to find and defeat Putrid Avatar in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Putrid Avatar Locations

There are three different locations where you can find the Putrid Avatar boss in Elden Ring. Below you will find all of them with map images

Putrid Avatar Location

This Putrid Avatar boss can be found in Western Caelid, right before the Minor Erdtree Catacombs entrance.

If you enter from the Northern Caelid, the boss will be right in front of the Dragonbarrow Cave entrance.

You can also find this boss by heading uphill towards the east from Ordina, Liturgical Town in Consecrated Snowfield Minor Erdtree.

Putrid Avatar Recommended Level and Weaknesses

The recommended level to defeat Putrid Avatar in Elden Ring is 60-70. The Putrid Avatar boss is weak against fire and physical strikes, so try to use them as much as possible to take it out quickly.

Putrid Avatar Attacks and Counters

Body Slam

It is an AoE attack in which the Putrid Avatar will jump in the air and slams its whole body onto the ground creating a wave.  To dodge this attack, you have to roll backward.

Massive Staff

This one is a combo attack in which first Putrid Avatar will smash the staff on the ground by leaning a little backward and follow this up with a right to left swing. To dodge this attack, you have to roll towards the right side.

Blinding Lights

In this attack, Putrid Avatar will slam the staff on the ground creating an AoE blast that is followed by light orbs shooting towards the target.  You can dodge the orbs by running in any direction.  Just maintain a little distance from the boss since it can swing the staff again.

Scarlet Rot Stomp

While doing this attack the Putrid Avatar will leap into the air and then hit the ground, scattering puddles of scarlet rot poison. These puddles will stay on the ground for a couple of seconds.

To dodge this attack, as the boss jumps into the air, you have to circle around it since the scarlet rot will only be spewed in the area ahead of the boss.

You can use the time after Putrid Avatar uses the Body Slam attack to move forward and land some good hits before the boss picks the stance again. During the Scarlet Rot Stomp, you can get behind the boss to deal some extra damage

How to Defeat Putrid Avatar in Elden Ring

The Putrid Avatar’s primary attacks are a forceful smash and a long-ranged horizontal sweep. The Avatar may only do one sweep but if you remain close, the usual attack is a smash followed by two broad swings.

The Avatar strikes the earth with its hammer, summoning a phalanx of holy bolts. To dodge them, keep your focus on the Avatar and run or gallop around it in a circle.

The Avatar jumps into the air and lands in a tiny circle, causing holy damage. It will be vulnerable to assault right after this attack. You must stay close so you can land your blow on him. The Putrid Avatar lifts its foot and slaps it on the earth. Use this technique only when you’re in close quarters.

Defeating the Putrid Avatar can be done by a careful dodging and exploiting the small window of invincibility and then attacking your own attack. Getting near, firing a few strikes, evading its hammer blows, and repeating is the quickest and the best technique.

Close-range combatants can work well on breaking the Avatar’s super armor and hitting critical strikes, but if you’re not comfortable fighting these adversaries on foot, you may complete the encounter fully on horseback. It merely takes longer and is more dependent on ranged assaults.

Use your Lone Wolf or Jellyfish Ashes to set a trap and extra assault opportunities.  Hiding behind the Erdtree to avoid the attacks and access your strategy is always an option. If you choose not to rest at Site of Grace, the Avatar’s health will stay the same as it was when you stopped fighting.

Unlike other world monsters, the Putrid Avatar is frequently best dealt with on foot. By evading its hammer strikes, you’ll have more opportunities to attack. Because of the horse’s lack of dodging skills, it is likely to be captured in the Avatar’s swings which will give you a limited amount of time to escape before Torrent fades.

It is highly susceptible to fire damage with a -100-absorption value that allows it to take twice damage. The black flame incantations are extremely lethal since they deliver percent HP damage.

The Putrid Avatar has Poison, crimson rot, and bleeding immunity. Along with this it possesses Frost sensitivity (154) as well so choose your options carefully.

Bringing some spirit ash might be pretty useful for magic users. While you cast spells or discharge arrows, your spirit summon might distract the boss. When you see the monster leap into the air, it’s vital to keep your distance as the scarlet rot stomp is harmful and may swiftly deplete your health.

Putrid Avatar Boss Drops

The Putrid Avatar will drop different items at different locations. If you defeat Putrid Avatar in Western Caelid you will just get 9600 Runes.

For defeating Putrid Avatar in Northern Caelid you will get 91000 Runes, Stonebarb Cracked Tear, and Opaline Hardtear.

In case you defeat Putrid Avatar boss in Consecrated Snowfield you will get 160,000 Runes, Thorny Cracked Tear, and Ruptured Crystal Tear.

How to Cheese Putrid Avatar

If you are fighting Putrid Avatar in the Northern Caelid you can easily cheese it by moving away. So what you have to do is get on the horseback and move uphill.

The boss will follow you and once you are at a little distance you can use the fire spell or any other attack to do some damage. Just continue uphill and attack the boss by turning back after short intervals.

If Putrid Avatar starts to move backward, you can move towards the boss for landing a couple of good hits and the boss will re-aggro. You have to continue to follow this strategy and the boss will eventually fall.

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