How To Get To The Prison Town Church In Elden Ring

Prison Town Church contains a Site of Grace that is difficult to reach in Elden Ring. You will need to do this for Volcano Manor.

Prison Town Church is one of several locations in Elden Ring that you can explore in Volcano Manor, a legacy dungeon where you can complete a long assassination questline to kill Tarnished who are standing in the way of the Fingers and the Erdtree.

The main reason you need to get to Prison Town Church is to unlock its Site of Grace. This will allow you to fast travel your way out of the area without having to deal with several enemies.

The only problem is that the Prison Town Church Site of Grace is a tricky location to find in Elden Ring.

Prison Town Church location

Once you reach the Volcano Manor, you need to speak with Lady Tanith next to the Armored knight on the left. You will then be given the Drawing Room key which can be used to unlock the door that leads to Prison Town Church.

However, this situation is also dependent on Rykard because if he is killed then Tanith will not be present in the Manor. This means that you can simply obtain the key from her chair.

Once you have the key, you need to head down the hallway and take the first door on your right.

Go through the illusionary wall

When you enter the room you will see a body on the right side and above it, there will be an inverted painting. Interact here to remove the illusionary wall and reveal a hidden underground passage that leads to Prison Town Church in Elden Ring.

Once you enter that passage it will contain a lot of Serpent Snails along the way so you will have to clear the passage by killing them.

After that, you will come across a broken cell entrance into a dark room that will also have three to four Serpent Snails guarding the way.

Take them out and near them, you will find the “Budding Horn” next to them.  After that, you need to keep moving until you see an exit towards the right end.

Move along the second passage

There will be another passage that you will need to take and as usual, you will again encounter the same opponents. This is an optional passage that you can follow for some loot before continuing on to Prison Town Church in Elden Ring.

So clear the way and keep moving forward until you see a light at the end of the passage. On closer inspection, it will reveal a dead body. As you pillage the remains, you will be able to collect the “Nomadic Warriors Cookbook [21]” from it.

Return to the same area

After taking that you have to go back the other way through that same passage, kill the remaining 2 serpent snails and make your way back to that same dark room.

This time you will see some underground stairs revealing a second passage.

Take the underground passage

Go down the stairs and once you reach the third entrance you will observe a big nasty monster that you can take out by using ranged attacks.

This monster is known to be a lesser Bloodhound Knight which resides in the basement of the Volcano Manor. He will also be the boss that you will be facing as you make your way to Prison Town Church in Elden ring.

After you pillage its corpse you will get the “Blood Hound Claws (x1)”. If you move around you will see another dead body and by pillaging it you will get the “Fireproof Dried Liver (x1)”. If you move towards the right end you will see another way.

Take the left staircase to enter Prison Town Church

Follow the hallway after entering through the gate on the right. You will eventually spot some stairs on your left. Take those stairs above and you will enter Prison Town Church in Elden Ring.

Right before you will also be the Prison Town Church Site of Grace. Interact with it to reveal the lost grace and unlock another fast-travel point in the game.

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