How To Praise Messages In Elden Ring

If you come across a message in Elden Ring that was incredibly helpful, make sure to praise that message to send rewards to its player.

Similar to the other Souls games, you can leave behind messages for other players in Elden Ring. This goes both ways and you can come across messages from other players as well while exploring The Lands Between. These messages can either be helpful, can give compliments, or even be humorous. 

As you read a player’s message in Elden Ring, you will have the option to either praise or deprecate them. The players that gain praise from their messages in Elden Ring will receive rewards for a job well done.

Hence, you have the choice of leaving behind helpful messages that have a good chance of being praised by others.

We will now explain how to praise messages in Elden Ring and gain rewards by leaving your message.  

How to praise messages in Elden Ring 

As you venture into the world of Elden Ring, you will come across numerous glowing rocks on the ground. These are interactable items and as you interact with them, you will see the messages left by different players. 

After reading the messages, you will have the option to rate them with either Good or Poor ratings. However, the control may vary depending on which console you are playing on. Below are the controls to rate messages across each platform: 

  • PlayStation: Trackpad for Good and Options Button for Poor. 
  • Xbox: View Button for Good and Menu Button for Poor. 
  • PC: Press the G Button for Good and ESC Button for Poor. 

How to create your message in Elden Ring

If you are eager to get rewarded with the Flask of Crimson Tear’s Health for free, you must create a helpful message for other players that is going to be praised.

To create your messages, you must navigate to the menu screen and select the “Messages” icon on the lower left side of the screen.

On the “Write Message” tab, you will be given a set of options (view using the Toggle button) to write your messages ranging from selecting templates and gestures to typing Words. 

Once you are satisfied with your messages, you can click on the “Finish” option to leave the message on the ground for the server to place it for some random player to read.  

You can also delete your messages if you regret placing them on the ground. Simply open the “Message Written” tab and highlight the message you want to delete and press the delete button to remove them from the server.  

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