How to Assign Items to Pouch in Elden Ring

The pouch is unarguably one of the handiest features to make use of in Elden Ring. Strangely enough, the game fails to provide any specific instructions to help players equip items within their pouch. Hence, the reason for the following guide to clarify the process about how to assign items to the Pouch in Elden Ring.

How to Assign Items to the Pouch in Elden Ring

The pouch in Elden Ring allows players to quickly access four items of their choosing in the game. To begin assigning the desired items, start by pressing the main menu, options or Esc button depending on the platform in question. Doing so will bring up the pouch on the screen.

It is also possible to use more items by pressing and then holding the triangle button (for PS) or the Y button (for Xbox) and then choosing one of the four given slots for equipping purposes.

Now, moving onto the equipping part, the player must press the input button in order at the bottom right side of the screen and select triangle or Y.

This will lead to the inventory of the game where the player might find variety of items to equip. He must choose one to confirm its place in the pouch and repeat the process until and unless his pouch is filled.

How to Use the Pouch Items

After carefully selecting the items a player requires, they now need to know how to use them. To do that, just press and hold the Event Action key while in-game (outside the menus) which will lead to items being showed in front of the screen and it will be available over the Quick Items selection.

Difference Between Quick Items and Pouch Items

It is crucial for a player to know the difference between the items they place in a pouch and items they make as quick items in Elden Ring as this difference can mean life or death.

Quick Items are basically the items players assign to the directional inputs on their HUD in the bottom left. To use quick items, you have to scroll through this list of 10 items in combat before you find the right one and use it.

Pouch Items on the other hand are 4 items that can be accessed simultaneously. Holding down the Event Action key will make the pouch items appear on top of the Quick Items in the bottom left corner.

So simply hold the button till the Pouch Items appear and then press the directional key corresponding to the item you want to select to instantly swap to that item instead of going through a list of items.

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