Elden Ring Will Reportedly Not Release In 2021

The elusive Elden Ring has allegedly been dealing with production challenges since last year as a result of the worldwide pandemic.

According to a report by VGC earlier today, anonymous sources close to the matter have confirmed that Elden Ring has already been delayed multiple times since its announcement and will unlikely release in 2021 unless stated otherwise.

Furthermore, with developers having to work remotely for nearly a year since COVID-19 raised its ugly head, ongoing production schedules have been significantly disrupted. Elden Ring as such has been finding it hard to pin down a release window let alone a release date.

That being said, a reveal might still be taking place in the coming months as widely presumed by the public. There is apparently a new Elden Ring trailer that has been making rounds online but within exclusive circles. That may suggest publisher Bandai Namco to be preparing an announcement and developer FromSoftware to be on the verge of sharing gameplay details.

Elden Ring was recently rumored to have been delayed by a few months but still aiming for a release in the second half of 2021. More recently, the game was believed to be appearing at the new Xbox digital showcasing in the coming weeks but which Microsoft was quick to deny.

Elden Ring was announced a couple of years back as a new dark fantasy role-playing game with the involvement of director Hidetaka Miyazaki, the Souls creator, and write George R. R. Martin, the Song of Ice and Fire author. The game went into development in early 2017 right after Dark Souls 3 received its last expansion pack, The Ringed City.

While no concrete details have been shared, Elden Ring is said to feature an expansive open-world with rich storytelling that delves in racism and politics.

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