How To Get Night’s Cavalry Set In Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, Night's Cavalry set is a dark looking set with decent protection capability and great aesthetics. Here is the process to get it!

In Elden Ring, the Night’s Cavalry set is among the list of armors that provide protection, and resistance, and make the player look good in the game. The dark cloth and metal pieces give you a foreboding presence and make you look like a mysterious dark knight.  

It also has a worn look so you can cosplay an experienced knight that has been fighting for a long time. To get this set, you will need to defeat two enemies. Which enemies do you need to defeat, where, and how? We will tell you all about that today and how you can get the Night’s Cavalry Set in Elden Ring.

Night’s Cavalry Set location in Elden Ring 

The Night’s Cavalry Set in Elden Ring can be found in the Consecrated Snowfield. Here you will have to approach and rest at the Inner Consecrated Snowfield Grace Site. This Site of Grace is shown highlighted on the map below.

night's cavalry set map location in Elden Ring

The Consecrated Snowfield can be accessed via the Grand Lift of Rold. The lift can be used by having the secret medallion known as the Haligtree Secret Medallion.

The right part of the Medallion can be found near the Village of the Albunerics Grace Site. Here you will need to confront Albus and defeat him for it. The left part is available after you have defeated Commander Niall and headed to the northeastern tower of Castle Sol. In the tower, head to the top and you will find the missing medallion part. 

The Inner Consecrated Snowfield Site of Grace is located the North of the Grand Lift of Rold. The Site of Grace is located on the route to the Secret Area of the Haligtree. 

Now when you are on the Inner Consecrated Snowfield Site of Grace, rest until nightfall. After resting, leave the Site of Grace and look in the Southwestern direction.

You will find a caravan moving about with skeleton soldiers and knights in the back. Towards the rear, you will see two Night Cavalry enemies on their horses.   

To get the Night’s Cavalry set, you will have to defeat both the cavalrymen which are to the left and right of the caravan. To kill both of them, lure one using a ranged attack and make him come near the Site of Grace. You can then kill the cavalry without being interrupted by the others. 

Do the same for the other cavalry on the other side. You can also lure them to the back of the caravan and far away from the knights in the back and finish them. Be careful around the knights in the back as they are powerful enough to kill you easily.

When both enemies are defeated, you will get the Night’s Cavalry’s Set. After this, the Night’s Cavalry will not appear with the Caravan again. 

Night’s Cavalry Set stats

The Night’s Cavalry is a medium-weighted armor. This armor set lets you be agile enough but offers protection when in combat. It provides very good protection against physical damage and provides good protection against elemental damage as well. 

The Night’s Cavalry provides damage negation of 27.4 for physical damage and also provides the same protection against Slash Damage.

You also get pierce damage negation and strike damage negation of 26.5 and 25.4 respectively. Thus, you get good protection against any type of physical damage. 

The Night’s Cavalry also provides decent enough elemental damage protection. The armor set provides 24.9 for both Fire and Holy damage which is comparable to the damage negation of Strike attacks. It also provides 21.7 against Magic and Lightning attacks making this suit an all-rounded armor suit. 

The resistances provided by this suit are also very good. It provides 135 and 91 Robustness and Immunity respectively. This gives you excellent survivability in fights. Now, other stats such as Focus, Vitality, and Poise are also above 50 with Focus and Vitality being 57 both. 

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