Players Who Break Out of Elden Ring Network Test Find Angry Bear and More

Though the Elden Ring network test had borders, some players found more danger when they were able to break past them.

Last week, From Software allowed a number of Souls fans and content creators access to the Elden Ring network test, a small three-hour demo of their upcoming new game that let them run around a small portion of the game. However, some players were able to break out and find things.

Elden Ring is promising a lot for players, including a new magic system and new world to explore, being the very first open world game that From Software has made. Players who did the network test, for instance, found multiple posses, including a massive dragon. However, it was only a small chunk of one part of the world. Some players, however, were able to break out.

There wasn’t that much to see, unfortunately. Players mainly found endless voids that they would fall into, and they also lacked items. However, some players were able to discover new enemies, including one player who found an angry bear-like creature who proceeded to tear him a new one, and what looked like a roaming boss named Crucible Knight Floh.

The Elden Ring network test, despite how small the area was, still contained a wealth of content for players. Small dungeons heralded smaller minibosses and items to discover, vendors to visit, and players could even level up with the help of a maiden named Melina.

Some of the more intense boss fights however came from overworld bosses, such as the Tree Sentinel, a giant dragon, and Margitt the Fell-Handed, who guarded the entrance to Stormveil Castle, where one of the game’s main bosses had made his lair.

The sheer amount of content to explore in the Elden Ring network test hints that this will definitely be From Software’s biggest game ever, and with how well it played at the start, From Software may have another smash hit on its hands. Elden Ring will be releasing for Xbox One, Playstation 4, PC, Xbox Series X, and Playstation 5 on February 25 of next year.

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