How To Get The Mausoleum Knight Set In Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, the Mausoleum Knight Set is an ornate looking armor that will protect you and make you look badass. Here's how to get it!

In Elden Ring, you will have the chance to dress up the Tarnished in all manner of armor and garb. Some you may want for protection, some for aesthetics, while some can accomplish both goals. One such armor set is the Mausoleum Knight Armor in Elden Ring.

The set is worn by the Mausoleum Knights who are typically found in the Liurnia of the Lakes region. To get it, you’ll have to farm the set. However, doing so will be difficult since they have poor RNG. Meaning, you’ll be at it for a while. But the process is fairly simple and easy to do repeatedly.

Read on to learn how to farm the Mausoleum Armor set.

Where to find the Mausoleum Knight Set in Elden Ring

As mentioned before, the set is work by the Mausoleum Knights, commonly found in the Liurnia of the Lakes region. You can roam around and find these knights who would be wearing the set and will be headless. Killing them, resetting, and killing them, again and again, will give you the armor set.

The set consists of the Mausoleum Armor, Mausoleum Gauntlets, and Mausoleum Greaves. Since the knights are headless, there is no helm piece for the set and you can mix and match with other pieces.

Best place to farm Mausoleum Knights

Take note that each Mausoleum Knight has a 3 percent chance to drop a Mausoleum Set piece.

The best location to farm this set is from the Black Knife Catacombs Site of Grace. There will be a Mausoleum Knight right outside the entrance which you can kill. Then enter the catacombs, rest at the Site, reset, and then go out to kill the Knight.

These knights and the set has horrible RNG so there will be times when you won’t get anything. Therefore, you must ensure that your Item Discovery levels are high.

This will force the game to spawn pieces of the Mausoleum Knight Set in Elden Ring more frequently. Continue to farm the set until you have all three pieces.

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