How To Get Leather Set In Elden Ring

You will find the Leather armor, gloves, and boots pieces in one location in Elden Ring, and the Leather helm in another.

The Leather Set is one of those armor sets in Elden Ring that when equipped will give off a cool assassin vibe. This armor set in particular is for those who prefer stealth combat as it offers excellent resistance in terms of high immunity and Vitality in Elden Ring.

You can get the Leather set early in the game. To that, you will need to kill a particular NPC in Elden Ring. He will go by the name of Patches, and you will encounter this NPC near the Murkwater cave site of grace. You can also complete the Leather set you can pair it with any headgear like the Black hood as well in Elden Ring.

So if you are interested in acquiring this armor set, then we have got you covered on the location and stats for getting your hands on the Leather Set in Elden Ring.

Where to find the Leather armor set in Elden Ring

You will find the Leather armor, gloves, and boots pieces in one location in Elden Ring. The Leather helm, however, needs to be obtained from another location.

Leather armor, gloves, and boots

In order to obtain the Leather Set in Elden Ring you can venture to the Murkwater Cave area. This area is notorious for housing dangerous opponents like the Bloody Finger Nerijus whom you will have to fight against during Yura’s questline.

So if you have taken him out then you won’t be encountering any dangerous enemies at this location. On your left side, you will find a cave with a foggy entrance. You will encounter an invader here which you must kill so that you can make your way through this cave in Elden Ring.

After dealing with the invader, the fog will be removed from the entrance, and you will be able to move in freely that place.

Once you enter the cave you can move down the tunnel into the Murkwater Cave. After moving for a while you will come across an opening where you need to head right towards the other tunnel in the cave.

Along the way, you will come across some enemies which you can simply take out and then keep moving straight until you reach an open space with a campfire site. There you will find a chest that will contain two items notably a Cloth Garb (x1) and Cloth Trousers (x1).

After that, you will hear Patches approaching from behind and he will blame you for stealing his belongings. A fight will ensue between you and him and once he loses half of his health he will surrender. You can then proceed to simply kill him in Elden Ring.

After you kill him you will end up receiving the Patches’ Bell Bearing (x1) along with a Spear (+7). As for the Leather armor set you will get the Leather Armor (x1), Leather Gloves (x1), and Leather Boots (x1) in Elden Ring. Lastly, you will also receive a Golden Rune [1] (x2) as well.  

Black Hood

Black Hood map location for the Leather Set in Elden Ring

To complete the Leather Set you can use the Black Hood as headgear for this armor set. To get the Black Hood you will need to head to the Sage Cave in Elden Ring. Once you go into the cave you will find a hidden wall which will reveal a further passage.

Head forward from there and you will come across another wall which will disintegrate and reveal a second entrance. Go into there and you will finally come across two chests which will contain a Lost Ashes of War (x1) and five Rejuvenating Boluses for you to acquire.

If you jump down from that place you will find a wall on your left. This wall will vanish revealing a third hidden entrance. Go through there and at the end you will find three chests there. The one on the right will contain the Black Hood (x1) for you to acquire in Elden Ring.

Leather Set stats

The Leather Set has good stats based on resistance in terms of offering excellent Immunity and Vitality which you can make use of while receiving enemy attacks.

In terms of weight, the Leather set is classed as lightweight armor with a combined weight of (16.9) in Elden Ring.

In terms of negating enemy attacks, the Leather Set has a physical damage negation of (17.6). The damage negation for this armor set against strike damage is (20.3) and against Slash damage is (17.5). Lastly, the damage negated against enemy Pierce attacks is (19.0).

However, the Leather set also offers good damage negation against Magic attacks amounting to (20.3) in Elden Ring. For Fire attacks the damage negation is (20.6), for Light it is (22.1) and for Holy attacks, it is (21.6).  

As for the Resistance stats of the Leather set it offers a high Immunity of (150), a Robustness of (85), and a Focus of (98). The rest of the Resistance stats include an increased Vitality of (116) and a Poise of (26) in Elden Ring.

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