How To Get Lazuli Sorcerer Set In Elden Ring

You can get the complete Lazuli Sorcerer Set by farming Lazuli Sorcerers in the Academy of Raya Lucaria in Elden Ring.

If you are looking for the best Magic build in Elden Ring then you should definitely consider the Lazuli Sorcerer Set. This armor set offers you various advantages in terms of defensive abilities and resistance stats.

The armor set originally has two pieces which include the Lazuli Glintstone Crown and the Lazuli robes. However, to complete this mage armor set you can pair it with the Sorcerer Manchettes and Sorcerer Leggings in Elden Ring.

All of these armor pieces can be acquired from the region in the Academy of Raya Lucaria so you will have to move around the sites of grace to discover them. You can also farm the Lazuli Sorcerer set in this region as well. If you are looking for an armor set that offers excellent resistance attributes then the Lazuli Sorcerer set should be your go-to choice in Elden Ring.

So if you want to learn the whereabouts of this sorcerer set then we got you covered with all the details regarding how to acquire the Lazuli Sorcerer Set in Elden Ring.

Where to find the Lazuli Sorcerer Set pieces in Elden Ring

Lazuli Sorcerer Set locations in Elden Ring

To acquire the Lazuli Sorcerer set you need to travel to the Academy of Raya Lucaria in Elden Ring. As you will find all the pieces for this particular armor set there.

Lazuli Glintstone Crown

The Lazuli Glintstone Crown can be obtained from the first location on the map above. However, it is a little more complicated than getting the robes and the rest of the pieces. There is a condition for getting it which requires you beating the Red Wolf of Radagon first in Elden Ring. This enemy will appear in the next area from the lazuli robes.

After you defeat it, you will discover the lost site of grace known as the Debate Parlor site of grace. After resting at this grace site head out into the courtyard and then turn left towards the stumbled staircase. Next, you need to run up these stairs and avoid the enemy sorcerers’ attacks along the way.

Then you need to jump over the railing on your left and keep running to avoid the enemy Glintstone shots. After a while, you will turn left and head over the wall there.

You will land on the rooftop where you will encounter two Marionette Soldiers. Take them both out using the Glintstone Pebble attacks as these enemies will keep perusing you and are quite irritating to deal with as well as they will fire arrows at you.

After that, you will find a ladder on the right side which you can climb up and proceed onwards towards a large tower ahead. Along this path, you will encounter three birds along with a sorcerer here. Kill them all and once you reach the end of this path turn right around this tower and drop onto the next rooftop below.

This jump will require you to time it correctly as you need to make a running jump to land on the roof. Take out the single bird enemy there and clear the next set of rooftops following this linear path.

Finally, you need to jump down into the building where you will find a long ladder. Climb it, and once you reach the end you will find a chest containing the Full Moon Crossbow.

Then you need to jump off the railings onto the next two rooftops below. The last jump will be the hardest one and it requires a last-minute running jump to make it on the rooftop.

After that, you will see a tower on your right enter it and carefully drop down the wooden platforms. On the second one, you will find a Glintstone Crab. So all you need to do is kill it and it will drop the Lazuli Glintstone Crown for you to acquire in Elden Ring.

Lazuli Robe

As for the Lazuli Robes in Elden Ring, you need to travel to the second location marked on the map above. This location in particular is the Schoolhouse Classroom site of Grace.

After resting at this grace site you can proceed forward to face the Lucarian battle mage. This mage will carry a shield and sword so after taking it out you will receive the Lazuli Robe in Elden Ring.

Similarly, the Sorcerer Manchettes and Sorcerer Leggings can also be obtained from this same site of grace. But to acquire them you will have to take out the glintstone mages in that area.

Lazuli Sorcerer Set stats

The Lazuli Set is the best early-game sorcerer set that weighs around (12.3) in Elden Ring. It may be a bit heavier than the Raya Lucarian Robe, but if you are going for a pure Magic Build then the Lazuli Robe will definitely give you an edge in battles.

In terms of Damage Negation, it offers a physical damage negation of (12.4). In terms of damage negation against strike damage you get  (14.7), against Slash damage you get (12.8) and against Pierce damage, you get (7.7) in Elden Ring.

This damage negation stats increase for Magic attacks amounting to (25.7), for fire attacks they are (24.8), for light attacks, it is (23.4) and lastly for Holy attacks, it is (24.5).

Similarly, the Lazuli Sorcerer set offers good stats for Resistance with immunity being (95), Robustness being (55) and Poise being (17). These resistance stats boost significantly for Focus resulting in (137) and Vitality being at (130).

Best place to farm Lazuli Sorcerers

The Lazuli Sorcerer set can be farmed easily by taking out the Lazuli Sorcerers. To do that you can simply use the Schoolhouse Classroom site of Grace in Elden Ring. So at this site of grace, you will find the Lazuli Sorcerers just strolling across the hallway.

An important thing to note here is that if you want to farm the Lazuli Robe and Lazuli glintstone sword then you need to target the (white-robed) Lucarian battle mages specifically. Once you kill them they will drop the Lazuli Robe (x1) and the Lazuli Glintstone Sword (x1).

If you are unsuccessful at obtaining any of these on the first try then you start again from that same site of grace as the white sorcerer will respawn at the same location again and again. In some cases, it will take multiple tries and finally, you will get the sword and the Lazuli robe in Elden Ring.

As for farming the rest of the Lazuli Sorcerer set which includes the sorcerer manchettes and leggings, you can use this same site of grace as well.

However this time you will need to target the (red-robed) glintstone sorcerers. After killing them you will receive Sorcerer Manchettes (x1) and leggings (x1) as well in Elden Ring. 

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