Elden Ring Kenneth Haight Quest Guide

Our guide will show you where to find the NPC Kenneth Haight in Elden Ring and complete his quest for rewards.

This guide will discuss everything in detail about the Kenneth Haight quest in Elden Ring and any prerequisites. We’ll be guiding you every step of the way to ensure that you finish the questline as swiftly as possible.

Elden Ring Kenneth Haight Location

Kenneth Haight will be standing on top of a broken bridge at the location shown on the map. You will hear him calling for you when you reach within his distance.

Elden Ring Kenneth Haight Location

Interact with him, and he will ask you to head to Fort Haight and take out the commander that has taken control over the fort.

How to Complete Kenneth Haight Questline in Elden Ring

Kenneth Haight is an NPC in Elden Ring who is a self-proclaimed successor to the ruler of Limgrave. You will encounter him when you are exploring Limgrave.

You will come face to face with him when you get down the ledges at Limgrave. Kenneth Haight will send you on a questline that will end with you freeing Fort Haight, which a different enemy is currently holding.

Fort Haight Location

As you can see above, Fort Haight is located just to the southeast of Kenneth Haight’s location. Some enemies have taken over the fort. They will start shooting arrows at you when you get in their sight. Dodge the arrows and enter the fort.

Item You Can Find in Fort Haight

Get to the top of the fort, where you will find some enemies and their commander. Take all of them out and then beat the commander.

When you kill the commander, you will get the following items

Come Back to Talk to Kenneth Haight

Now, head back to the location you came from to talk with Kenneth Haight and let him know that the fort has been recaptured.

He will present you with the Erdsteel Dagger and ask you to join his service. You can either accept or refuse his offer as you wish.

If you accept his offer, you will have to meet him again at Fort Haight to receive knighthood. But once you reach there, he will apologize to you as he cannot arrange the knighthood ceremony because of the state of the fort.

Complete Kenneth Haight Questline to Trigger Pledge Service in Throne Room

After Kenneth Haight refuses to award you with knighthood for certain reasons, If you fulfill some particular conditions, you will find him again in the throne room of Stormveil Castle at the Godrick the Grafter Site of Grace.

Following are the conditions that need to be fulfilled for Kenneth Haight to spawn in the castle.

Because Nepheli’s and Kenneth’s questline cross paths, the first condition will be to complete Nepheli’s questline.

At one point in Nephali’s questline, you will be asked to give her Seluvis Potion, and if you get her the potion, she will die, and that questline will be terminated before reaching its end.

Further into Nepheli’s questline, when she loses hope and becomes sad, you need to give her The Stormhawk King found in the Chapel of Anticipation.

The second condition will be to defeat the boss – Morgott, The Omen King.

The third and final condition is that Malekith, the Black Blade Boss found in the Crumbling Farum Azula, must not be dead before this point.

Once these three conditions are met, Kenneth Haight and Nephali will spawn in the throne room, but you will need to rest at the nearest site of grace for them to spawn.

What Happens When You Don’t Pledge Your Service to Kenneth Haight

If you decide not to pledge your service to Kenneth Haight, nothing will happen, and you can continue your journey as before.