How To Get To Juno Hoslow In Elden Ring

Juno Hoslow is encountered in the Mountaintops of the Giants, located northeast of The Lands Between in Elden Ring.

Juno Hoslow, also known as the Knight of Blood, is a hostile human boss encountered in Elden Ring during the Volcanic Manor Questline given to you by Lady Tanith.

Juno Hoslow is not just any boss because he has exceptional combat abilities and defeating this behemoth will grant you all of his arsenals as your loot.

In the Volcanic Manor Questline, you are required to annihilate three NPC bosses, with Juno Hoslow being the last one. Before knowing how to defeat Elden Ring’s Juno Hoslow, you need to know how to get to him.

Juno Hoslow location

Juno Hoslow is encountered in the Mountaintops of the Giants, located northeast of The Lands Between in Elden Ring. However, you need to start the Volcanic Manor questline and read the commands of the Red Letter before heading out to find him.

Go to the Volcano Manor where you will gain access to the questline and play through it. During this quest, you will find letters that will give you specific instructions.

The first letter will instruct you to invade Old Knight Istvan and the second letter will instruct you to invade Rileigh the Idle.

After completing these objectives, you need to go to the Drawing Room and converse with Lady Tanith after which you will find the Red Letter, an info item last in the series of the Volcano Manor letters.

Equip this letter from your inventory and read its contents. The letter will instruct you to invade Juno Hoslow and contain intel on his whereabouts.

Now, look at your map and you will see a red marker near the Shack of the Lofty, which is the exact location of Juno Hoslow.

Go to the site of grace known as the Ancient Snow Valley Ruins where you reach a frozen lake. After reaching the frozen lake, you need to head right and keep going till you are at the Shack of the Lofty where you can find the Summon Sign for Juno Hoslow.

How to defeat Juno Hoslow in Elden Ring

Juno Hoslow is a mighty boss that can deal immense Bleed and Strike damage using his Petal Whips and can dodge attacks at high speed using the Bloodhound’s Step.

Considering the severity of damage caused by his attacks, it is best to maintain a safe distance and execute your attacks using long-range Ash of War weapons. Backstab attacks are your key to winning because you can deal damage without reducing your health.

You can also defeat this beast by the Juno Hoslow Cheese Approach in which you climb the wall on your right and maintain a position where you can attack him but he is no longer able to attack you.

This strategy is only useful if you deal high damage as soon as your reach the higher point otherwise it will go in vain. In addition to weapons, Juno can also be fought using spells and incantations.

Once you have defeated Juno Hoslow you will receive his arsenal which will include Hoslow’s Helm, Hoslow’s Armor, Hoslow’s Gauntlets, Hoslow’s Greaves, Hoslow’s Petal Whip, Hoslow’s Oath Gesture, Rune Arc, and Furlcalling Finger Remedy. You will also be rewarded with 158 Runes.

After taking down Juno Hoslow, you can go back to Lady Tanith who will grant you the Talisman Taker’s Cameo and then transport you to another boss fight.   

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