Elden Ring Invisible Enemies Guide

Being a Souls game, Elden Ring has been naturally hailed for its unique lineup of creatures and enemies. That bestiary also includes invisible enemies. The following guide will explain just how players can keep track of these invisible enemies and where they will be encountered in Elden Ring.

How to See Invisible Enemies in Elden Ring

It should be self-explanatory that players will not be able to see these creatures. However, there are basically two different types of invisible enemies in Elden Ring. One of them isn’t actually invisible but difficult to spot due to their size.

While roaming the Lands Between, you might have noticed pretty big footprints walking around watery surfaces. Despite searching you might not see any big enemy nearby. Those footprint splashes are actually made by Teardrop Scarabs who are harmless.

Whenever you see such footprints splashing across the water, simply look down and try to spot the scarab running away to kill it and earn some good loot.

The other invisible enemies, the really dangerous ones, however, do require a special item to see them. These dangerous invisible enemies are actually the Black Knife Assassin mini/field bosses.

You will encounter these Black Knife Assassins at Deathtouched Catacombs, Sage’s Cave and Black Knife Catacombs. Unfortunately for you, you will be unable to see them as they attack you in rapid succession.

In order to defeat these invisible Black Knife Assassins in Elden Ring, what you really need is an item called Sentry’s Torch.

To buy the Sentry’s Torch, simply head to Hermit Merchant’s Shack near Outer Wall Battleground site of grace and buy Sentry’s Torch for 7,000 Runes.

Hold the torch in your offhand and you will easily be able to see these deadly enemies.

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