Elden Ring Highroad Cave Walkthrough

The Highroad Cave is the largest dungeon in the Limgrave region of Elden Ring. The Highroad Cave is a deadly...

The Highroad Cave is the largest dungeon in the Limgrave region of Elden Ring. The Highroad Cave is a deadly place home to enemies like the giant land octopus and wolves. However, the rewards that await you within the Highroad Cave in Elden Ring are worth it as you can find useful items such as Blue Dancer Charm and Furlcalling Finger Remedy.

How to Get to Highroad Cave in Elden Ring

Highroad Cave can be found in Stormhill on the northside of the Limgrave region. You must enter the cave from the side of Saintsbridge by going to the bridge and then jumping into the water from the south side.

Just be careful of the giant octopuses. The entrance to the cave will be a dark tunnel. Hence, remember to bring a torch.

Elden Ring Highroad Cave Walkthrough

This dungeon is divided into two parts. The first one is the wolf den and the second one is a spacious cavern. Right before you walk past the Shrine of Grace, you must have a torch with you.

When you enter the first room, you will find a few wolves patrolling the area and you must kill them to proceed further. The strategy is to kill the lone wolf and right after that, turn around to kill the remaining two wolves.

You must proceed downwards after killing them, you just cannot drop down directly as you will die. Use your torch to see the platforms and use them one by one to reach the bottom.

The bottom will contain a room of wolves and again you must kill them, either by attacking them from elevation or otherwise.

After killing them, you will find a narrow passage to your left. Here, you will encounter the wolves again. Just be careful when walking past the bushes because it might wake up a sleeping wolf.

The tip to making your way through is to simply take one wolf at a time while keeping your distance. Ranged builds can help you in killing the wolves while melee builds can kill the one white, tougher wolf.

You must enter the sunken cavern now and this is relatively tougher. You must move through a narrow tunnel where you will encounter bats. You can take out the bast by turning your light source off. Next, you must move to the top of the waterfall.

At this point, three bats will attack you and you must retreat in the cave before you fall down the waterfall. You will find smithing stones and Golden Runes in the cave.

Jump from the waterfall directly. You must attack one of the bats and then kill the remaining ones. You can find Shamshir (a curved sword) on the corpse.

From there, you must enter a nearby cave where you will find a giant land octopus. Use either Flame Grease or pyromancies to kill the octopus. You must constantly attack the octopus for its beak to open up and then one critical hit will suffice for its death. Move through the waterfall to reach boss fog gate.

How to Defeat Guardian Golem

By entering the gate through dense fog, you will have to fight the Guardian Golem boss. You can deal with its attacks by striking the ankles and as long as you stay behind, you will avoid major damage. The boss might throw fire breath attack and you simply have o move to either side to dodge it.

You can run towards the boss whenever the boss charges into the wall. You must stay close to the boss to strike occasionally. Remember not to use any kind of spirits as it will not give you any kind of advantage.

The fight will end when you have constant attacks on the ankles resulting in severe damage and the boss will fall down. From there on, one major blow to the chest will surely seal the fight.

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