How To Guard Counter In Elden Ring

To do a Guard Counter in Elden Ring, you need to first block an enemy's attack with your shield before striking back for immense damage.

Guard Counter is an innovative mechanic introduced in Elden Ring that is a combo of protection and a heavy attack.

You can perform a Guard Counter with a shield in Elden Ring. A heavy damage weapon is also required to strike back.

This strategic attack is of great importance for melee fighters as it also helps in dealing immense damage besides avoiding it.

This guide explains everything you need to know about a Guard Counter attack and how to make it better.

How to Guard Counter in Elden Ring

Guard Counter deals immense damage to enemies in Elden Ring. It is also pretty simple to execute.

To do a Guard Counter in Elden Ring, you need to first block an enemy’s attack. Use L1/LB on PlayStation/Xbox to first bring up your shield. Once your shield takes the full impact of your enemy’s attack, press R2/RT on PlayStation/Xbox to strike back immediately.

When the Guard Counter attack is performed, you will hear a twinkling effect to confirm it. This attack is a game-changer in combat because it deals much more damage than a regular Heavy Attack performed without shielding first.

The key to performing a Guard Counter attack is to strike back immediately. This will throw the enemy off his guard leaving him vulnerable to massive damage.

If the Guard Counter is not performed as soon as the enemy bounces off the shield, the enemy has the opportunity to go into a combo attack which can empty your health bar within seconds.

To perform a Guard Counter, you must keep an eye on your Stamina bar. This fast-paced attack requires a lot of Stamina to block the incoming attack first and if that isn’t available you will end up taking damage instead of dealing it.  

Can you Guard Counter bosses?

Yes, you can perform a Guard Counter attack against bosses in Elden Ring. However, it is not as easy when you are against normal enemies.

For bosses, the Guard Counter attack should be used carefully as some attacks are just too powerful to block and end up taking lots of your Stamina.

Guard Counter is reliable while tackling regular enemies and mini-bosses. However, while dealing with major bosses it is advised to Guard Counter the lighter attacks and completely avoid the heavier ones so that you don’t end up losing much stamina.  

Ways to improve Guard Counter in Elden Ring

To perform successful Guard Counter attacks, there are three Character Stats that you need to excel in; Vigor, Endurance, and Strength.

A high Endurance stat will help you maintain your Stamina and a high Strength stat is needed to equip a great shield. Maintaining a good Vigor stat is also recommended as this will help you manage the attacks that you do not end up dodging.  

The best way to master a Guard Counter attack is practice. It should also be learned early on in the game considering its usefulness. This attack can be practiced on the Godrick Soldiers in Limgrave. Start at the Agheel Lake North Site of Grace and head northeast where you will encounter lots of Godrick Soldiers.

Best weapon

The best weapon for Guard Counter is a Sword specifically the Straight Swords and Greatswords. These grant players the advantage of great range and a fast attack resulting in immense guard counter damage.

Weapons such as Spears and Polearms do not work well with Guard Counters as they are slow. You cannot strike back immediately and it leaves you vulnerable. So, it is best to stick with swords for Guard Counter.

Best shield

The best shield for Guard Counter is the one that has a high Guard Boost stat in the Guard Damage Negation menu. This ensures that you can reduce the stamina points you lose with each hit.

Shields can also be improved using an Ash of War called the Barricade Ash of War obtained from the Night’s Cavalry at the Weeping Peninsula.

Medium-weight equipment is the best regarding a Guard Counter attack. This grants agility to the player allowing you to dodge the incoming attack in a pinch.

Best talisman

The Guard Counter can also be improved by using a Curved Sword Talisman obtained from a chest in the Stromveil Cliffside Site of Grace at Stormveil Castle. This talisman improves the Guard Counter damage by 20 percent.

Which is better: Guard Counter or Parry in Elden Ring?

Parry is a mechanic in Elden Ring somewhat similar to Guard Counter. To parry while facing an enemy, you have to wait for the exact moment the enemy attacks you and bring your shield forward at that instant. This startles the enemy and he is left vulnerable for you to hit.

Parry and Guard Counter both are great combat mechanics. The answer to which one is better is subjective because it depends on the situation you are in.

In boss fights, it is better to stagger them by parrying, and in group fights where you are outnumbered, it is preferable to use Guard Counter.

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