Elden Ring Godslayer Incantations Locations Guide

Godslayer Incantations are dark spells in Elden Ring. They allow players to cast black fire that can wipe a good amount of health from enemies. The following guide will help players locate all the Godslayer Incantations in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Godslayer Incantations Locations

Below is a list of all the Godslayer incantations and their respective attributes in Elden Ring:

  • Black Flame
  • Scouring Black Flame
  • Black Flame Ritual
  • Black Flame Blade
  • Black Flame’s Protection

Black Flame

Faith: 20
Cost: 18
Slots Used: 1

Black Flame enables you to throw black fireballs at enemies to cause a lot of damage. The incantation can be found in Liftside Chamber Site of Grace by giving a Godskin Prayerbook to Brother Corhyn. It can also be purchased for 7500 runes.

Scouring Black Flame

Faith: 28
Cost: 27
Slots Used: 1

Altus Plateau is an easy place to find Scouring Black Flame. It allows you to sweep a large area in front of the caster. Remember that Scouring Black Flame’s range can be improved by charging.

Black Flame Ritual

Faith: 42
Cost: 36
Slots Used: 1

You will be surrounded by a circle of black flame pillars after casting Black Flame Ritual. The circle grows in size as it is charged. You can find it in the Mountaintops of the Giants region.

Black Flame’s Protection

Faith: 30
Cost: 30
Slots Used: 1

Black Flame’s Protection increases physical damage negation by summoning black fire from within. Sacred Flasks and other forms of HP restoration, on the other hand, are limited. You can find it in Roundtable Hold.

Black Flame Blade

Faith: 17
Cost: 15
Slots Used: 1

Black Flame Blade can be cast immediately to cause additional damage to the enemy. To acquire this incantation in Elden Ring, deliver the Godskin Prayerbook to either Brother Corhyn or Miriel to purchase Black Flame Blade for 6000 runes.

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