Elden Ring Bugs and Fixes

In this guide, we will cover all the errors players are facing and outline their fixes so that you can get the best possible Elden Ring experience.

Elden Ring has launched on PC with some considerable issues that Tarnish-es an otherwise amazing experience. In this guide, we will cover all the errors players are facing and outline their fixes so that you can get the best possible Elden Ring experience.

Elden Ring Errors, Bugs and Fixes

Bandai Namco has officially acknowledged some the common issues being faced by the users on PC. While they are interrogating various issues, below, we’ve laid out some the errors, bugs and issues currently being faced by players in Elden Ring and possible fixes for each of them.

The Network Status Check Failed Error

Elden Ring is a highly anticipated game, so it’s likely that its servers are overloaded with players. From your end, check your network and if that turns out to be fine, its likely a problem at the server end.

So just wait a bit and don’t try to play the game in peak hours to avoid this problem.

How to Fix Screen Tearing in Elden Ring

Some players are also facing low frame rate errors in Elden Ring. We have a guide on best performance setting for the game here that will help you out!

Furthermore, players are encountering stuttering and Frame Drops in certain areas and bosses. The devs are aware of frame drops in certain boss encounters and randomly in the Lands Between, so this issue will likely be patched in the near future.

For now, there are a few things you can try to fix the issue. First, the obvious, you should make sure that your GPU drivers are up to dare and there are no pending windows updates. If that’s not the issue, and your have a screen with refresh rate of more than 60 Hz, it’s recommended that you try bringing it down to 60 as it can solve the stuttering and screen tearing problems.

Another fix you can try is through Nvidia Control Panel. Open the control panel and look for the setting named “Shader Cache Size”. Here, you need to change the option to unlimited.

In the same Nvidia Control Panel, there is another setting you can tweak which some users have found useful in having the problem fixed. Look for Monitor Tech option and change it to Fixed instead of Gsync.

Elden Ring Takes Too Long to Unpack

Most of the players face the issue of Slow Unpacking of the Game as well. This is because the files are not compressed properly. So the players with an HDD are going to suffer a lot.

You can’t do anything about that, you just have to wait and unpack all 49 GB of game data to play this game. A couple of things you can do is if you have an HDD try to replace it with an SSD to increase the unpacking speed.

The other way you can try is to exit the Steam and then open it again and launch the Elden Ring. After that, you can open the task manager and close the Steam Process. This will reset the whole process and you can begin unpacking the 49 GB of game data.

Limit of 60 FPS on PC

The 60 FPS cap is likely a design decision on FromSoftware’s end. Most of their souls game were intended to run at 60fps max and altering this cap led to some bugs in things for e.g weapon degradation speed.

In Elden Ring, we are likely not going to see this cap adjusted for similar reasons.

Elden Ring Failed to Initialize Game Launcher Error

Many players are getting the above-mentioned error while they are trying to play Elden Ring. The solution for this is restarting the Steam client and if that doesn’t work, check the integrity of the game files. You may have to reinstall the game if the issue continues to appear.

One more thing you can try is that repair your Easy Anti-cheat (EAC) for Elden Ring. Many users have reported that replacing the launcher files and repairing EAC has fixed the issue for them. If you are not sure how to do that, you can consult the official source on how exactly to do that.

You also need to make sure that your game is not being blocked by your firewall and antivirus tool. If they are blocking the game, you should add an exception for Elden Ring to make the launcher and EAC work.

Can’t interact with NPCs or Invisible Enemies

Some players are also facing an issue in which they can’t communicate with the NPC characters, even when there is no enemy or threat close by. This issue is mostly because of overloading of the server and restarting the game can help resolve it. In case of invisible enemies, it is worth a shot that you run the game in border-less windowed mode as it has been reported to have fixed the problem for some. It is one of the known issues, though we expect it to be fixed with official patch.

Can’t Open Menu Error

Sometimes the menu button does not work properly for some players in the Elden Ring. For fixing that button error you have to close the game using the Task Manager and then restart it again. Doing so will hopefully fix the Can’t Open menu Error in Elden Ring.

Easy Anti-Cheat Failed to Initialize Launch Error

The Easy Anti Cheat Implemented in Elden Ring is causing some games to not initialize launch. This is mostly because your profile on PC contains Non-Latin letters or other illegal characters. To fix that issue simply replace all non-Latin letters in your profile with the Latin ones or revert to a very simplistic name.

How to Fix White Screen Crash In Elden Ring

If you are have dual GPUs on your board (mostly on laptops) and Elden Ring is using the integrated GPU to run, you will experience a white screen issue leading to a crash. So you need to make sure that your game is being run by using the dedicated GPU.

Then various community members have reported that updating your Epic Games Launcher can fix white screen issue. Yes, it’s strange that what the Epic launcher has to do with Elden Ring but for some odd reasons reports claims that fixes the problem.

Currently many users aren’t happy how the game is performing on their PCs. With the official acknowledgement about these issues, we can rest easy a bit as we will get the common issues with the game.

How to Fix Elden Ring Crash on Startup or Loading Screen

Make sure your PC system satisfies the game’s minimal requirements before beginning the first fix.

Some gamers are reporting white screen crashes on launch. If this is the case, make sure your GPU drivers are up to date. You’ll need to download and install Driver Easy for this. Run Driver Easy and select Scan Now from the menu.

After that, Driver Easy will check your computer for any problematic drivers. To automatically download the proper version of the flagged driver, click the Update icon next to it. You can then manually install it. Alternatively, you may select Update All to have all the missing or out-of-date drivers on your system immediately downloaded and installed.

When your game crashes, verifying your game files is always a smart choice to attempt. It’s because Elden Ring’s crashing is caused by missing or damaged game files. You can resolve the issue by checking the integrity of game files on Steam. Log in to Steam and go to the Library section.

Select Properties from the context menu when you right-click Elden Ring. To verify the integrity of game files, go to the LOCAL FILES tab and select Verify integrity of game files. Allow Steam to check the game files for a few minutes.

Some Elden Ring players discovered that the game’s Anti-Cheat system is incompatible with the Epic Games Launcher if it hasn’t been updated in a while.

Open Epic Game Launcher and log in. In the right upper corner, click your profile symbol. RESTART AND UPDATE may be found under Settings. Then, to notice the difference, run Elden Ring. If it fails again, try uninstalling it, deleting the Epic Games Launcher folder, then reinstalling it.

It’s also conceivable that your anti-virus or Windows Defender caused the Elden Ring to crash. To check, try deactivating them and then launching Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Error Code 30005, 30004, 10011


This error means your existing Windows installation has become corrupted. We suggest that you look through the following solution.

Run the Windows System File Checker to see whether there are any errors in your system files. Make sure you have the most recent Windows updates installed. Run an anti-virus scan to see if there is a virus on the computer.

To restore the PC to a prior functional condition, use Windows System Restore.


This error indicates that something on your computer is interfering with the Easy Anti-Cheat service’s ability to satisfy one of its tasks. Please make sure that both Vermintide 2 and the Easy Anti-Cheat service have the required Anti-Virus and Firewall exclusions.

A ‘Selective Startup’ can also assist you figure out whether your problem is caused by a background application. To correct this, hit the Windows key, then type ‘msconfig’ and choose ‘System Configuration’ from the menu. Select ‘Selective Startup’ from the ‘General’ menu. Then uncheck the box next to ‘Load startup Items’ and restart your computer. Launch Vermintide 2 normally after that.


Easy Anti-cheat is to responsible for this problem, and here’s how to resolve it. Go to the Services tab in Task Manager. Look for the term “EasyAntiCheat.” Open Services by right-clicking “EasyAntiCheat.”

A new window will open, and you must search for EasyAntiCheat once more. Here, right-click “EasyAntiCheat” and choose “Start.” The Elden Ring simple anti-cheat Error 10011 is been fixed.

Elden Ring Error Code 23, 25, 32, 29


Corrupt Microsoft Visual C++ files are the most common cause of error code 23. Start by restarting your computer to resolve this issue.

Type Add or remove programs while holding down the Windows key. Now, type Microsoft Visual C++ into the search box and choose the three dots. Select the Advanced tab. Scroll down to Repair and click it. Restart your computer and try to run the game again.


This error happens because your system’s Easy Anti Cheat files are corrupt or incompatible. Start by restarting your computer to resolve this issue.

The executable file for Easy Anti Cheat is usually found in the C:Program Files (x86) folder. Run it with administrative privileges. Select Elden Ring from the drop-down menu and click Repair. Wait for the procedure to finish before restarting your computer.


Restart your computer to fix the Elden Ring error code 29 problem. Check to see if there are any pending game updates. Developers continue to offer modest hotfixes to address similar issues.

Now open Steam from the Library, right-click Elden Ring, and choose Properties from the drop-down menu. After that, go to the Local Files tab and choose Verify integrity of game files from the drop-down menu. Please be patient as this will take a few seconds. Restart your computer after the process is finished.


This issue appears when a user attempts to open an Easy Anti-Cheat-protected game, and it happens because the application fails to generate a file in the Easy Anti-Cheat installation folder. It might potentially be a sign of software corruption.

There is an SYS file in the Easy Anti-Cheat Folder that may be blocking the Easy Anti-Cheat Service from creating any more files. Go to the folder where Easy Anti-Cheat Service was installed. Right-click the “EasyAntiCheat.sys” file in the open folder.

To delete the file from your computer, select the “Delete” option. Start the game and see whether the problem still exists.

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