How To Get Fire Monk Set In Elden Ring

You need to find and kill Fire Monks for a chance to loot all of the pieces of the Fire Monk armor set in Elden Ring.

If you are looking to get your hands on the best Mage Armor set in the game then the Fire Monk Set should be your top choice in Elden Ring.

What distinguishes the Fire Monk Set from the rest in its category are its damage negation stats as they are very well balanced for this particular armor set. Moreover, you also get an increased Robustness as a resistance stat for the Fire Monk set in the Elden Ring.

The Fire Monk set consists of four pieces. These include the Fire Monk Hood, Armor, Gauntlets, and the Greaves. So if you are looking to get your hands on this specific armor set then we got you covered on all the locations where you can farm the Fire Monk set in Elden Ring.

Where to find the Fire Monk armor set in Elden Ring

The Fire Monk set can only be obtained by taking out the Fire Monks in Elden Ring. These Monks will present at different places and camps and are distinguished by their unique (red) armor appearance.

Moreover, you can distinguish the Fire Monks as they will be the ones carrying the large Flamemace weapon as well. So you can target these foes and after killing them you can loot their remains for the Fire Monk armor set pieces.

In some cases, the Fire Monks will also drop weapons like the Flamemace and the Monk’s Flameblade. But the drop rate for both of these weapons is (4 percent each), which is low, and this means that you will have to visit them again after they respawn at these locations in Elden Ring.

That being said, there is a 3 percent chance that these Fire Monks will drop the Fire armor set pieces each which include (Fire Monk Hood, Armor, Gauntlets, and Greaves). So you use the nearest site of grace to go to their locations again to get a chance to acquire the Fire Monk set pieces in Elden Ring.

Moreover, apart from obtaining the pieces of the Fire Monk set, you will also receive an incantation as well. This will be known as the Flame cleanse me (incantation) which will clean you from any inflictions such as poison or rot in Elden Ring.

Best place to farm Fire Monk enemies

There are at least three different locations where you can find plenty of Fire Monks to kill for the Fire Monk Set pieces in Elden Ring.

Eastern Liurnia of the Lakes

Fire Monk farming location in Elden Ring

To get to this location you can use the Academy Gate Townsite of Grace first. Simply travel to this grace site and from there onwards you can continue towards the northeastern end until you reach a forest.

Once you cross the forest you will find a small road on the east end which you can take next. Keep following it until you come across the Eastern Tableland site of grace. From here you need to go west until you discover an enemy encampment near the diagonally shaped rocks.

Make your way towards this camp, but keep in mind that you will find a Fire Monk and four to five other soldiers at this location as well. So all you need to do is target the Fire Monk first and then you can deal with the rest later.

Fort Laiedd

This particular fort is located in the Mt. Gelmir region in Elden Ring. You will encounter the Fire Monk campsite around the Fort Laiedd area.

Guardians’ Garrison

You need to travel to the Mountaintops of the Giants and head to the Guardians Garrison next. You will find the Monk strolling outside so you can target him easily with ranged attacks and kill him.

Lastly, you can also make use of Talismans like the Silver Scarab and Silver Tear Mask to increase your discovery and arcane of the items you are searching out for in Elden Ring.  

Fire Monk Set stats

The Fire Monk offers balanced stats but in terms of its resistance stats, it offers high robustness compared to the rest. As for the weight of the Fire Monk Set, it is classed as heavy-weight armor with a combined weight of (27) in Elden Ring.

To begin with, the Fire Monk Set offers good stats for the damage negation aspect which include a high physical damage negation of (27.1) for your tarnished. 

Furthermore, if you compare the damage negation stats with other armor sets like the Blackflame Monk set then you will find the Fire Monk set more preferable. These include that the negation for the Fire Monk set against strike damage is (24.1) and Slash damage is (26). The Pierce attack damage is negated to (24.2).

In terms of negating Fire damage, the Fire Monk Set is pretty good as it provides a damage negation of (26) and gives your tarnished more magical defense in the game.

Similarly the stats for Magic damage account for (21.2),  and for other elemental attacks such as Light and Holy attacks it is (18.4) each in Elden Ring.  

If you look at the Resistance stats for the Fire Monk Set you will find that it gives you an exceptionally high Robustness of (127) during your fights in Elden Ring.

This also comes with a good Immunity resistance of (74) and a medium Poise resistance of (46). Lastly both the Vitality and Focus resistance stats are (56) each for this armor set in Elden Ring.

To complete your Fire Monk build you can pair it with talismans such as the Shard of Alexander, Fire Scorpion Charm, and Crimson Amber Medallion (+2).

By equipping these along with your Fire Monk Armor set you will be able to dominate in those PvP fights with relative ease in Elden Ring.

Lastly, you can also make use of Talismans like the Silver Scarab and Silver Tear Mask to increase your discovery and arcane of the items you are searching out for in Elden Ring.

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