How To Get Fingerprint Set In Elden Ring

Here is how you can find and defeat Rountable Knight Vyke for the Fingerprint Set in Elden Ring. This is an easy armor set to get.

The Fingerprint Armor Set is one of the heavy-weight armors in Elden ring which players can wear to increase defense and resistance.

This glowing armor is worn by Roundtable Knight Vyke which you will encounter in the Ancient Snow Valley region. This boss is an optional boss therefore you don’t have to defeat him to progress through the game.

There are a total of four pieces (Fingerprint Helm, Fingerprint Armor, Fingerprint Gauntlets, and Fingerprint Greaves) that you need to complete the FIngerprint Armor Set.

The set has some great stats, so it is a must-have for your armament collection. If you are wondering where to find the Fingerprint Armor in Elden Ring, you’ve come to the right place, as this guide will point you right to it.

Where to find the Fingerprint Set in Elden Ring

Players first need to reach Lord Contender’s Evergaol, which is in Mountaintops of the Giants. Then, one needs to climb on top of the cliff located towards the southwest and adjacent to the lake located northeast of the region.

Once you reach Lord Contender’s Evergaol, defeat Roundtable Knight Vyke to obtain Fingerprint Armor.

Roundtable Knight Vyke location in Elden Ring

How to reach the Evergaol and defeat the Knight

The Evergaol can be accessed using a Spiritspring. You need to place this Spiritspring adjacent to a graveyard located on the top of a small hill that comes passing through the Giant Ice Lobster.

First, if you follow the map, you will come across the Grand Lift of Rold. You will need to have a left and right medallion of Haligtree to cross this area. Then you will have to move north and reach Zamor Ruins.

After heading straight from this location, keep moving right in the north direction to reach Zamor Ruins. Now, keep moving north and cross the huge bridge to reach Ancient Snow Valley. From Zamor Ruins, take a right and move towards the north direction.

On the way, you can find a huge giant that will throw stuff at you, so be prepared and keep yourself safe from the giant.

From this point, keep moving right to reach Ancient Snow Valley. Now, your next destination on the map is Whiteridge Road. This location will be to the right of Ancient Snow Valley and will be exactly parallel to the location of Ancient Snow Valley on the map.

So, just move towards the northeast from here to reach Freezing Lake. Next, turn to move south from Freezing Lake.

Finally, move to the right of the map after turning towards the south direction from Freezing Lake, and then sticking to the left will take you to Whiteridge Road, where you’ll find the Lord Contender’s Evergaol.

As described above, you need to defeat Roundtable Knight Vyke at Lord Contender’s Evergaol to get the Fingerprint Armor set.

How to defeat Roundtable Knight Vyke in Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, the only way to get the full set of Fingerprint Armor is by defeating Roundtable Knight Vyke. Therefore, it’s fitting to first learn how to defeat this beast. That said, the boss fight mechanics are simple and only take a little to master.

The challenging part about this boss fight is that the region Evergoal does not allow the players to cast any Spirit Ashes or use Torrents. Therefore, you cannot fetch any extra help.

During the fight, the boss will do an attack with a lightning buff which gives you a chance to hit during the animation. That said, as soon as the attack buff begins, you can whack him with a few hits and deal damage.

The Roundtable Knight Vyke boss is weak to attacks with lightning damage. For that, you can deal significant damage by using the lightning skill of the Dragon King’s Cragblade. The plus point of using this skill is that it also breaks the poise of the boss.

To deal additional damage to the boss, you can also use the help of the lightning spells such as Lightning Spear, Fortissax’s Lightning Spear, and Frozen Lightning Spear.

As for the talismans, there is one particular which you can use with the lightning Negation Damage called Boltdrake Talisman. This will help build your defense against all the lightning attacks of the boss.

Talking of defense, you can also use armor such as Bull-Goat or Malformed Dragon Armor Set to increase your defense against lightning damage. Using the above strategies, you can defeat Roundtable Knight Vyke in no time.

Fingerprint Armor stats

Starting with the helm, the damage negation of physical vs strike is comparable with legendary armor of this size. In terms of resistance, the helm has great points in Robustness.

The physical and fire damage negation stats of the armor are exceptional for the armor itself. That said, the robustness numbers are a lot higher for the armor. As for the gauntlets and Greaves, there is nothing extraordinary about the stats.

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